Yin and restorative yoga, loving kindness meditation, mindfulness in communication, yoga nidra and macrobiotic vegetarian diet.

07.30 Tea & Fruit
08:00 Yoga and Meditation
10:00 Breakfast
14:00 Lunch
17.30 Yoga and Meditation
19:00 Dinner


Life is the way it is and no matter how much we protect ourselves from them rainy days, they are bound to come. Low energy, weak health, troubling relationships, injuries, accidents, economic unrest, the loss of youth or the loss of a loved one are only some of the difficulties that we encounter along the way.

We fight all this the best we can but there comes a time when one needs to drop down the anchor and take a week to breath, heal and reassess. To sleep and read and have silent walks. Eat healthy, rest well and have a relaxed look at one’s life with a bit of distance and perspective. The two daily therapeutic yoga sessions (a combination of mindfulness, breath, restorative and loving kindness meditation techniques) give a realistic but also empowering support to this healing process, providing you with an ample array of tools so that you can take charge of your healing process.

If you need to heal and want to feel cared for in a wholesome, conscious environment, this week is for you.

Healing for Yoga Teachers
We understand deeply the need for yoga teachers to retreat, both of us inhabiting that role ourselves. Us Yoga teachers struggle as much as our students, but are holding the space, and caring for other people as well, and this inevitably affects us deeply. So we really need to take a time out, retreat ourselves and digest our practice, both the teaching one and the one that happens in the privacy of our own mind and heart.
This healing retreat is designed with you in mind. We'll digest, relax and at the same time get a chance to deepen our practice, eat that wonderful, healthy food we prescribe but not always have the time to prepare. Sleep those extra hours, indulge in massage and simply enjoy being a student, being taken care of for a week...

Dates & Prices

March 11-17, 2018
May 13-19, 2018 for yoga teachers NEW
September 23-29, 2018
October 14-20, 2018


Shared double €990
Single €1,150

Included in price:
6 nights accommodation
3 daily organic vegetarian meals, additional snacks and teas available at all times
2 daily sessions of yoga & meditation
All equipment including yoga mats, blankets, pillows, blocks, straps etc

Not included in the price:
Travel insurance
Transfers to and from Faro airport (We can assist with arrangements)

Optional at extra cost:
Massage treatments
Surf excursions (with or without instruction)
Car or bike rental

Information and registration