Our Teaching


This is what is stated in the first paragraph of my CV:
“An engaging, articulate and results-driven professional who, with an international career spanning over 20 years, has demonstrated the ability to engage with entertainment executives in the US and Europe, organize multiple projects on an international stage and foster relationships at all levels of an organization. Is now looking to change career…”
It’s been a great ride and I learned a lot but in many ways it was a ruthless time and a constant battle to cope mentally and physically. I had also made some bad choices and found myself in a deep depression with sedatives as my best friend. I woke up one morning and just had a strong feeling of enough! I made a conscious decision to find happiness or inner peace or something that would give me my life back. I started looking on line to see if there were any tricks to that trade, maybe a short-cut! And with that things started opening up, the universe provided me with the same information from different directions and my path would start with a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat in September of 2007.

It was a life altering experience. Along with my daily meditations, I started doing Yoga and had the grace to meet Igor who became my teacher, not only in Yoga but also my mentor on my new conscious path. Looking at myself as I really am is not always easy but with the support of Igor and Jenny I have learned to accept myself, even love myself at times and slowly develop an acceptance towards life and others.

 I have found my path and I have found inner peace, at least most of the time and sedatives are no longer a part of my life. I am aware. I am awake. I am grateful. I now intend to use those 20 years of experience as a result-driven professional to help others find their path to some inner peace.

With love and light,