Our Teaching


I have always been fascinated by big words, Freedom and Goodness specially. What does it mean to be free, what does it mean to be a good person? I now know that while the answer to those two questions cannot be known but must be felt, the questioning itself is a powerful force that gives my life meaning and direction. Being able to question life without anxiety opens me to meet the experience with a child’s curiosity and keeps me present.

I truly don't know and that is ok. But in the not knowing, in the uncompromising acceptance of uncertainty, there is space, space for surprises, for love and wisdom and space for me to grow and become whoever I need to be to meet the moment, regardless of who I was before.

I am forever grateful to all those who are inspiring me to take this journey, teachers and masters from now and before, and to the everyday life heroes that silently put down a stone at a time on the road to love but I have always felt that it was my business to solve the riddle of life. And so I have developed a strong sense of responsibility and self-reliance in my practice and my spiritual path and I suggest you do too, for you know yourself best and you are your best friend. May we inspire each other to be love and to be free.