Our Teaching


I was born as a question mark. Abandoned at birth to later be adopted. Those of us that have their first experience being one of lack, grow up naturally rootless, endowed with a birthright of questioning. Not knowing opens.
Growing up in an internal world where questioning was driving, I became an observer of human behavior, my own and those of my surroundings. I tried to understand why we judge so hard, talk bad about each other to only later pretend that we did not. Why what was said was not read in the expression of our eyes. I spent most of my early childhood alone, or maybe just lonely, enhancing my role like an observer.

My first teachers in this life were my parents. two extraordinary ordinary folks who loved and still love me fiercely, they taught me my most valuable lesson; that Love can exist without boundaries, it can be unconditional.

I did my first meditation retreat when I was 22 and I understood that I was not alone in my pain, that I was ultimately responsible for my own happiness. Many years later, I have chewed, swallowed and occasionally spit out many teachings and ideas but I am still fascinated by what, why and how we do it and what happens next. Life, is an open ended proposal that just keeps expanding as my awareness grows. Endlessly.