A good read

I am an avid reader, and a fast one, can finish a book in a couple of hours. This was as you can imagine a great advantage when I was in school, but now when I'm long out of that learning environment that particular talent is expensive.
A good read
It doesn't help that I get completely absorbed by books, they are an addiction, but one that I feel entitled to have, I feel that it's a quality addiction and don't mind it at all, so during the times that I had more money I spent a great portion of it in the bookstore. When I have my nose stuck in a particularly good read, I care very little for anything else, in fact all other things except what it waiting on the next page sort of annoy me, and this includes both my husband and my daughter, so as you can imagine I am not exactly a joy to be around when I have gotten my hands on a juicy paperback. I am not picky, I enjoy both the standard bestseller and the more complicated worded reads alike, plowed through all the Shades of sex and K's Process with the same pleasure. Lately though I have a dropped out of the loop a bit and I have absolutely no clue what authors are currently making headlines or what literary curiosities are out there. So I thought perhaps that you, who read my blog, could help me out. I'll offer you a few of my fondest reading memories, and would love to get a few good tips in return.

-A Million little pieces by James Grey, bypass the the non autobiographical controversy around it and just enjoy the book, it's a damn good one.

-Cutting through spiritual materialism, by Chögyam Trungpa. This book is a teacher. Read it!

-Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen. The human dilemma in 600 and something pages. A master piece.
-The Brothers Lionheart, by Astrid Lindgren. A book I recently read to Iomi, and even though I
have read it more than a dozen times during childhood, it still touches me so. A wonderful read, for children and adults alike

-The Final testament, by James Grey and The second coming, by John Niven. Both fictional depictions of the second coming of Jesus and both of them reads that at least in my book offer a more compelling view on Jesus than the one offered by previous testaments.

-The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand. Howard Roark was one of my fantasy lovers once upon a time...

-The Ground beneath her feet, by Salman Rushdie. The irresistable prose of Mr Rushdie threading a compelling story of a love, death and music.

-The Millenium series, by Stig larsson. In case you missed it...

-When things fall apart, by Pema Chödron. For those times when the world crumbles around you, this gem is invaluable and could very well restore your sanity.

I don't know if this would be the definite collection that I would laminate as the greatest reads of all time, have in all likelihood forgotten many, but if there's one of the above mentioned that you by any chance haven't read, I envy you for having that pleasure ahead. Enjoy!


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