A grumpy old man

I'm frustrated today, feel like a grumpy old man. I'm at that stage of the back-healing process when I feel that it should be good already, and it isn't. I think they call it impatience...And as moods go, if you're in one, that old mind keeps finding things to feel more frustrated and grumpy about.
In hindsight, perhaps not a good day for reading up on the news, but in my confinement I somehow thought that the connection to the world would, well, not exactly cheer me up but at least l lighten the mood a bit. Shows you how often I read the news, huh...
I read about this other grumpy old man, who when arriving late to his hotel threw a fit because he couldn't get steak, cold food was available, but due to the late hour the chef had gone so to get steak was not possible. This grumpy old fellow then decided to start yelling at, and abusing his co-worker, who was there to assist him and unfortunately had to deliver the sad no steak-news, to the point where he actually physically assaulted him. So our grumpy old man was rightfully let go. Now, it just so happens that he is a famous TV presenter so naturally this made headlines, but what buggs me so, is that what is 'news' is that he will no longer be the presenter of this very important TV show about cars...really!? That's what is bothering people, not that this geezer is so full of himsef that he resorts to abuse just because he can't have his favourite food, but that they can no longer see him and his cronies discuss vehicles in an amusing way. And then I read, that he has a massive fans base who are upset at this and are pouring out their support for his loss. Once again, Really?!
Now I'm the first one to say that it's important to separate the person and their actions, and to understand that everyone makes mistakes and need not be condemned for them, but to me it makes the world of sense that an action like that will get you fired. Car TV show or not car TV show. If one of my heroes, let's say the Dalai Lama, had committed a mistake of that proportion, I would, even though I revere and adore him, completely understand and endorse that there is consequence to follow. What has become of us, when we value fame and stardom more than common human decency, when we are so confused that our main concern is whether the show will continue airing or not? When our adoration makes us so blind that we cannot see?

In other news, there was the plane crash over the alps. A new brand of tragedy where a man decides to kill himself and bring a whole plane full of people with him without as far as we know, any other agenda, no point to prove, no terrorist organization behind, just a man and his decision to die. Ironically, what made this whole tragedy possible was the precaution taken so that no such tragedy would occur. The doors to the cockpit were terrorist proofed, so noone could get in to prevent it from happening. Whatever we resist persists...
So, not exactly the most cheerful of days for me and I usually don't like to write, when my mind is clouded by frustration, but today I just can't keep my trap shut. Just like the grumpy old man who couldn't get a steak (Footnote: he did get it in the end, the owner of the establishment actually came in to fry one up just for him...)I too occasionally reach the end of my tether. And it seems that my line is drawn when millionaires starts to abuse those who are there to help just because they are hungry, and when it seems the worlds main concern regarding the subject is whether he will continue to amuse us or not. Call me naive but I thought us better than that.
I guess I have learned some important lessons today: Don't read the news when the mind is looking for something to complain about, and perhaps even more importantly: In order to avoid violence, when feeling like a grumpy old man, never go travelling without a steak in one pocket and a private chef in the other one...


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