A labour of love

In a couple of days it's my beloved daughters birthday, she will be 8 years old and it feels like her arrival was yesterday and at the same time it feels like I have known her forever.
Her birthday coincides with carnival down here which had me sewing for hours yesterday, so that she could go dressed up like the most beautiful black swan (from Swanlake, not from the animal kingdom). Anyone who knows me will through that act alone understand the full extent of the love I feel for this girl, since sewing is on my top 10 list of things I hate to do. But I did and it was worth it, the smile on her face when she looked at herself in the mirror before prancing off to school was worth all the blood, tears and profanities...
This evening we have a sleepover with 5 giggly girls and a confused slightly terrified father, whom for the concept of sleepover is totally foreign. It seems it is primarily a girl thing to do, and Igor grew up with a brother...tomorrow's the real party, and thanks to this glorious Algarvean climate we are able to host it outside at the park with the sweet warmth of the winter sun soothing our nerves amidst the chaos. I am almost certain it will not be a stress free experience, the number of kids invited feels intimidating when picturing them roaming around in a fenceless environment high on youth and sugar. I sometimes wonder if it really would be so bad to invent a kiddy version of one of these prison ankle bracelets, where if you stray from the grounds you're allowed to be, a tiny little electrical shock is administrated. Not a big one, just a tiny little buzz to remind them of where home is...I'm not saying it's a good idea, just came as a back thought when I imagined accidentally losing a kid, since there'll be so many...But I guess fierce entertainment will have to do the trick. I will paint faces, there will be a treasure hunt, Igor will reenact stories and as a back up we've bought some beer, to lure some of the parents of the guests to stick around...
I am mostly joking. Mommy stress and mommy problems are the sweetest in the world. They really are. I would go through fire for Iomi, so to prick myself countless times with a needle or spend the weekend throwing her an awesome birthday bash feels like an honor, like a true labour of love.

Happy birthday sweet, lovely baby girl, You are the most wonderful surprise of my life, didn't think it was going to be this fanfuckingtastic to be a mom, but then again I didn't know I was going to have the honour of being yours. I respect and admire you so much. I am your biggest fan (alongside daddy) and I Love you most, til the end of time.



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