A little pause

Am sitting in my new favorite cafe here in Brussels reflecting on the course we just taught and on life in general.
It's not often I have this opportunity. I used to love the solitary big city coffee experience, where I could spend hours just sitting with a book or a notebook, looking at the people walking by in the window, dreaming of what will be, reflecting of who I was. Now as I am right in the middle of what came from those dreams, with Igor and Iomi, teaching, trying to make ends meet while finding the time to practice, cook, clean, this moment feels precious indeed.
The course was really great, I think it was the first time we had a group of people that were all seasoned yogis. Some we knew from other trips and some were new to us, but all of them were dedicated to yoga and curious to see how they could take their practice further, how to make it work for them in the way that was advertised when they jumped on the spiritual train. Curiosity is like gold for a teacher, and to work with a group where noone was a yoga novice where all of them had years of mat and cushion practice under their belt was wonderful, it allowed us to take the teaching a bit deeper, giving the spotlight to the practitioner instead of only the practice. Giving focus on the individual and and their personal journey emphasizing the opportunity for real transformation that the practice offers, and how it is not only relevant but necessary to take it out of the salas, studios and yoga environments. Pointing out the responsibility of not just being a follower believing blindly in the promises of the yoga magazines but to actively test it where it really counts, in the world. We left them with some food for thought and even more curious and hungry for more, so mission accomplished...Thank you all beautiful open hearted Brussels yogis. Thank you Berndt and Claudia, Asha and Sampoorna studio. We're already looking forward to next year.

Before writing this I skyped with Iomi, we've only been away for 5 days and she is already looking more grown up. Seeing her sparkly eyes makes me miss her like mad, but I know that she's in the loving care of my parents, and to be granted this pause, this little parenthesis in the midst of life means a lot.

Tomorrow Amsterdam...


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