A nation bipolar

Have with interest been following the presidential circus of The good old apparently not so United States. This time it feels like a competition worthy of this great nation of entertainers. They do know how to put up a great political show over there, all things ancient and or European look bleak in comparison.
My favorite finale: Sanders vs. Trump, now wouldn't that be something...the two great extremes battling it out in the worlds various social media forums. The fact that the two most popular and polemic characters represent such vastly different stories somehow feels significant and is an accurate portrayal of the extreme times we live in.

Trump is a drama queen, the king of bling, who woos those needing a decisive daddy leading the way. I heard a radio talk with Louis (CK, of course) where he described a meeting he had with mr Trump in an elevator, he looked according to mr CK, fucking miserable, which is probably true, so it makes sense that he is one of the republican front runners in the primaries. There are Many fucking miserable Americans. He's their gold clad representative.

Om the other end there is Bernie Sanders, the "Swedish" sort of candidate who's only real entertainment value is the state of his hair, but one who at least seems to walk his talk. He has a history of consistency, which his opponent for the democratic candidacy, Hillary, certainly doesn't, he believes in democratic socialism and in that it is actually possible to reform government from a corrupt body of power to one that represents the voice of All the People.

Impressive and sadly doubtful at the same time....

I don't have much faith in politicians, believe that power corrupts, but Bernie Sanders has caught my interest, and he seems to me, be the candidate that represents those that still believe in miracles. There are also many believers of miracles in America. It's a bit as if the Murdoch/Fox vs. the Lasseter/Pixar/Disney folks would go up against each other, the fear mongers vs. the optimists.

I reside generally among the optimists, but I also feel like a complete idiot for being one, so my positivity has a dark murderous shadow trailing every unicorn thought. Could be that I'm simply a realist, which in all its simplicity can be quite a tricky disposition. Extremes complicate.

The American election would interest me greatly, should these two win their respective nominations, because to have an election where two such vastly different voices compete for The Seat, demonstrates, in a sense, the way the population of the world is divided. We're becoming very bi-polar, a large portion of our global population, filled with fear, and feeling as if the answer or relief lies in stern reprimand and force, another large portion turning to positive thinking, posting Facebook unicorns carrying messages of peace love and understanding to appease their fear. The current state of worldly affairs being so dramatic, these opposites are becoming crystallized and the grey middle masses undecided are simply confused.

We're going through our own political mayhem here in Europe, mainly concerning the issue The States started dealing with when we Europeans went in to claim the land ours, mass immigration and open borders. They are now predominantly dealing with what at least most European countries started handling decades ago and has created the European social model eg. a social program built for the masses. What Bernie Sanders is getting at is that The states should a adopt a model similar to the Nordic branch of said model. Something which would a few decades ago been met with utter disdain and disbelief by a people who took pride in being spokesmen of an American Dream. Now it's a different story, there are many more poor people, just look at the result of the Sanders campaign funding process. The Nordic dream although less sprinkled with stardust is starting to look good.

We'll see which pole takes seat in the high chair of responsibility, and we'll see which way the wind will blow in Europe.

I will follow both developments with both fear and fascination



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