A new adventure

Today I start one of the biggest challenges I've ever taken on, that of writing a book.
I am so far not a writer per se, but starting up the blog was a first attempt to see if I could be, and although the words don't always come easy, it's being a very nice thing to do and you, that have read these my first stumbling months of dedicating a chunk of my time during the day (or as in most cases evening) to share my thoughts, have been so generous and encouraging, that to keep it up even though it's not without difficulty, have made it feel meaningful and as something relevant to do.

So I will step it up a notch, go ahead and see what happens when I string these thoughts together in to a longer monologue and write a book.
It is not an idea that was born from writing the blog no, it's been a long held dream, one that I have for a long time fantasized and longed to do, but I have felt insecure and lazy about putting into action. Now, since I find that I enjoy this daily writing routine, and feel encouraged by the beautiful response you are all giving me, I have no more excuses.

What it will be, this first attempt, is something akin to the blog, but more full or maybe more full on, I will tell my life story, both The Dhamma and the drama. It's a bit scary, since my life has taken some very unconventional turns, but these turns have been important and broken through a lot of my walls, and the biggest one that is left is opening up about them. Sort of coming out of that closet that I so often describe. I think writing it will be very helpful to me, and if it also helps someone in pain who can relate to my struggles then great, a win win situation and like I said yesterday, why let a little fear stand in the way for us taking on interesting challenges and live life in the fullest.

The timing is not great. We're coming in to the high season, lots of work awaits and Iomi will soon be out of school, but if I look at it like that, there will never be a good time to start. It's kind of like when you decide to have a kid, it's never convenient, a child will always disrupt and forever change your life but if you think having one is important, you will simply do it anyway. So I will start project book now, even though it's inconvenient.
This means that I will spend a little more of my computer time working on that, so I will reduce the number of blogs I write a week and not come daily anymore. Will post 4 days a week, which in my mind reads; Mon, Wed, Thu and Sat, but the order might shift and change a bit during the summer depending on the workload.

Feels exciting and terrifying, but I guess I'm at that point of no return, have to keep experimenting with the fabric of life to see what happens.

Wish me luck...


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