A Turbo Teaching

A few nights ago when I was putting Iomi to sleep we had a serious talk about life. One of our late night yoga classes.
We spoke about leadership, dislike, intelligence, musts, the importance of not giving up on your dreams... And she taught me something that she in turn had been taught by Turbo the racing snail.

There is no dream that is too big, or too small.

How very wise.

In this era of much we get a little side tracked by the reverence and request for greatness. We get caught up in thinking that our accomplishments have to be significant or important, sometimes forgetting that significance is only in the eyes of the beholder. The important thing is that whatever you put your mind to accomplish, is more efficiently served by you loving it or loving the sense of puropse it gives you. For some that is conquering mathematics, for others it's being a great dad. We miss out on the fact that life is not asking us to surprise, dazzle and entertain others, it is simply asking us to appreciate life itself. To love it. And what better way to do that than to keep pursuing what you love, whether that is being with your child or solving equations, the love is what makes it a dream. Your dream. Never too big or too small.


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