Iomi gave me a snippet of wisdom this evening. I was putting her to sleep and we were talking about happiness. Iomi knows she is happy. She recognizes that, which is beautiful.
This bedtime talk we understood that one of the reasons that she is happy is because she loves us so much and feels our love so present at all times, another reason is because she loves her life, she loves her school, her friends, her house, her activities...and we agreed that it is very clever to do as many things as possible that we love on a daily basis, because the more you feel love, the more you feel love.
Having these bedtime talks with her absolutely blows my world. I adore talking with her, she is so funny, so genuinely childish and so mature at the same time. One time she told me; 'Mommy these are like my private yoga lessons with you'. Oh, yes, she is very clever, she has figured it out and is soaking it up...
And tonight, in the midst of all this cuddling-giggling-talking I had an immense wave of love for her which happens very often, she is a lovely kid, but this was a tidal one, and I told her all mushy, that being with her was the sweetest thing in the world, that it made me feel all soft and true inside and then I said: 'Perhaps it's only me that sees you this sweet, perhaps you are only this sweet with me...?' Iomi squirmed a bit, gave out a big Aahhhh and then replied: 'I know! Maybe I am too sweet with you, maybe I should be less sweet...!'
I stopped and looked at her seriously, 'Would you like to be more rough with me'. She looked at me, then took my face in her little soft hands and said very seriously:
'No, I could never be rough with you, because then I wouldn't be Iomi. Iomi is only rough when I have to'.

So much wisdom in that sentence. 

I am so happy she is sweet, and I am so happy she can be rough when needed. Her name after all is Iomi Li. Iomi we made up but Li we adopted from China. It sometimes means strength and sometimes beauty. I am glad to see she has gotten both.



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