Bright lights big city

Started traveling this morning at 7 and arrived exactly 12 hours later in Brussels.
A long but pleasant travelling day sustained by numerous coffees various types of bread and Congressman Underwood entertaining us most of the way.
It's cold here, not Sweden cold but definitely a few degrees less than back home where we've spent the last couple of days in t-shirts. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to bring a suitcase full of warm clothes and a jacket that's remained from the years in Sweden, so even if I look like a stuffed Asian teddy bear, I think I'll survive...

It's very beautiful to be here, exciting to teach in a city environment, and I'm so looking forward to go to a restaurant with a proper vegetarian selection for a change. Brussels is one of our favourite european cities and although we, like the wide eyed country folks we've become, get a bit confused by the multitude of people, choices, timetables and noise, I really appreciate the contrast. Variety is such a gift that we now almost take for granted, but just imagine, what we just did in 12 hours at a very reasonable price would only a few decades ago be an experience reserved for the wealthy or the very adventurous. We are living a privileiged existence indeed. Tomorrow is free, nothing else on the agenda than having a Beligian waffle. Life is good.


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