Dhammalogue no. 4

Dhammalogue no. 4
Igor: Hello dear

Jenny: Hello sweetie

I: I don't really have anything to ask today, don't feel very inspired. But I see that you always have words in you, it might take you a few minutes to start writing but soon enough it starts pouring. Could you speak a little about writing, about inspiration, about this blog?

J: Well, I have a lot of words in stock it seems, I actually didn't know that when I started the blog, but fortunately something always comes. I find writing a very therapeutic and revealing thing to do. It's not like I surpirse myself with whatever comes out, but many times I am more eloquent, more forgiving, more funny, and more accessible on 'paper'. The blog has become a little bit like practice for me, and like with meditation or asana practice, just the committment to do it coupled with a certain disregard for outcome, in order for it not to feel like a duty, seems to be enough to keep enjoying doing it. And the fact that I am managing to enjoy something that exerts a certain pressure by the fact that it's visible to many is surprising and actually a bit inspiring...
I: I was expecting one of your long answers so I could get away with just one question... hmmm...

J: Regardless of outcome, my love, regardless of outcome.

I: Thanks, then we leave it at this, more next week.

J: Good, so instead of making words, I am going to make soaps with Iomi!


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