Dhammalogue no.10

Igor: Iomi's birthday is tomorrow. Eight years old. She is now running around in her leopard outfit playing cats with her little friends who stayed for the sleep over warm up party.
Dhammalogue no.10
In pretty much the same amount of time, she'll be having boyfriends and acne, she'll be worring about the size of her breats and about what to study in college, her happy moments will be The-Best-Thing-Ever and her lows will be the end of the world. And there is nothing we can do about that, no story telling will ever substitute experience. However, if you could give her 3 golden rules of mommy wisdom to carry her through her growing up, which ones would they be, the five jewels of child to teenage wisdom?

Jenny: Oh man, that's a tricky one, because so much of what I have learned I would never have if I hadn't gone through it. My parents told me a lot of good stuff, but I still didn't do what they said, I really needed go through the shit myself...However, if I have to give some solid advice that would have been useful for me and which I think will be useful to her is:

1. Never give up. Regardless of how difficult the road ahead of you looks and feels, keep working towards that which you love, that which gives your life happiness and meaning. Be courageous when facing your fears, recognize them, but don't let them bully you in to submission. Never give up.

2. Do your thing. Friends and enemies alike will through their words and actions try to sway you to do their thing, they will play passive agressive games, try to make you feel guilty. Never mind that. As much as possible take decisions independently from the opinions of others. Do your thing.

3. Be honest. Be kind. And know that your contribution counts.

Igor: And a word of wisdom for worried daddies who see their little girls growing up way too fast?

J: Love will always be love, and by letting it go it all gets done...



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