Dhammalogue no.14

Happy eastern
Dhammalogue no.14
Igor: Today I saw in Facebook a funny spelling mistake. Someone wished 'Happy Eastern' :o) I smiled and I thought of you, are you a happy eastern?

Jenny: Well, you in the beginning when we first met called me a banana. Yellow on the outside, but pure white on the inside and that is kind of how I feel. Not very eastern at all, A illplaced westerner at best...but yes, I am a happy one of those.

I: You are? Happy? I think is good to check on that one once in a while and today when I was driving home I thought I haven't asked you that for a while. All in all, are you happy, my dear?

J: Yes, all in all I am happy. My definition of the word has widened considerably and it has grown to also encompass my moments of suffering, understanding the bigger picture of all. I recognize happiness as presence, in awareness, and that is available in any given circumstance, which lends a certain richness to and satisfaction in the simplicity of the small details of life

I: What about the complexity of the big pillars of life? Are you happy with your relationship to the Whole?

J: Yes I am. Are you, my sweet South Westerner?

I: Work in progress. And yes. Both.

J: Well, I take that as a yes...


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