Dreaming with headphones

Today I had a musical bus ride, like in the good old days, headphones on, blasting Taylor, Demi and all the other teenage popstars on the loudest possible volume.
As I was looking out the window, taking in the bleak scenery of the Swedish countryside while feeling the beat, my mind started drifting, dreaming of the good things to come. And I realized, something I guess I have always known that I want dance back in my life. I do, I so do! So I decided to go back to what first made me fall in love with dancing and share it with the people my age down there, the teenagers. I have for a while taught them modern but now I'm going to step it up a notch. Inspire them to feel the beauty of movement through the music that excite them and teach them the kick ass beauty of jazz dance. I'll start slow, once a week, but if I am allowed to dream I'll end up having my own little kick ass dance ensemble, teach them what I know, choreograph for them and of course in due time, like all egocentric artists, throw myself in the mix, ...

Now I'm having half a glass of wine (tomorrow is working day!) chatting with my old friends, going to bed soon for an early yoga practice before the weekend course in Nacka Yoga Studio where our friends Anuschka and Ebba have once more welcomed us for a couple of days of yoga love. So this is going to be all for today until Monday when I'll be back to you to tell you all about the yoga weekend and my elaborate dreams. Until then, my lovely reader, have a wonderful weekend.


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