Driving our new car

Today Igor came home with a brand new old car. Thanks to our parents who when our old little KA died, so generously offered to sponsor a new one. The last couple of weeks I have not had a husband but a car 'obsessionado', who has been spending every waking hour with his mind and eyes stuck in the used car market.
Through an eye squaring internet search we managed to find something not too old, not too small, not too expensive to drive and not too crappy. Igor wanted to buy a big 25 year old butch Volvo brick, hmm... but in the end we landed on a 17 year old, not an adult yet, AWD medium size Subaru, whose finest feature to a kid like me is it's solar roof, as in you can see the sol through it. It has one that opens a lot, giving the feeling that your almost in a cabriolet. Iomi's eyes when we took her for a spin and opened the roof to let the wind in, was priceless. Wauw, she exclaimed, so cool! We pumped up the music to disco volume and waved our hands in the air like we just didn't care. It was awesome.

I remember when I was a kid and my father would buy a new car, that day when the car came home from the dealer it would be like a party day, something to celebrate. It would be like welcoming a new family member. And aptly so, your car is after all, unless you live in an urban area, your main mean of transportation, your second home, it's what either shelters you from or seduces danger in to your life. So what you choose to drive tells a little story of you, A tiny representation of who you are or would like to be perceived as. It's a very personal choice. I am very happy to keep being the main driver of our old, practical Toyota, which is like me, bruised, battered but not beaten. Resilient and functional but dressed in a bright attention seeking red. And Igor had he been the sole decider of this new part of our family, would have chosen the old oversized Volvo, that will just keep going and going, a car which in many forums is described like a tank that won't quit.

Now the Subaru was a family choice, one of compromise, I suppose a little story of our family unit.
It's a shiny black and an AWD, so it can go anywhere, the interior is roomy, but not ostentatiously so. Coming from a reliable manufacturer and cared for by previous owners it still manages to look fresh even though it's lived many miles. It's sensible but in an adventurous way, just enough foreign to draw some attention, but still with the ability to blend in and be anonymus and best of all, it has a conveniently located button in the roof which you with one gentle push can open the top and let the light in.


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