Friday night fun

It's Friday night, another week coming to an end.
I remember when Friday night used to mean playtime, when the whole afternoon and evening would be consumed with where, when, with who and in what outfit, so much that I would almost be exhausted and ready for bed when the time came to actually start the fun.
My god, I used to actually sit and think about what to wear, perhaps go out and buy something if I felt that everything made me look fat.
Oh youth, so much ado about nothing! So much fuss over that Friday night fun, that in fact very rarely lived up to it's name.
Well one thing's for sure, being older and more worn down by practicalities means that the Friday evening expectations I have these days are far easier to satisfy. Warmth, food, love, maybe some entertainment and a good nights sleep. That's all.

I come home late on Friday evenings, that's when I teach dance. I Have this very small group of teenage girls, all with varying ambition, but all with a very real love for the expression. These Friday evening classes are a very refreshing experience for me. During my professional days I would teach mainly for dancers or professional dance students, which made the job quite easy, to now teach for talented amateurs with a background in ballet, is different. More challenging on one hand but somehow more rewarding, to see them smile, shake it loose and let their hair out really warms my heart.
I give them a wide variety of styles, on paper we call it contemporary, but all that really means to me nowdays, is that it ain't classical...today we got down to Swedish house maffia the time before that we investigated partnering through simple contact imporvisation.
I of course love not being restricted by a curriculum or a style/technique. Since I'm older, wiser and with nothing to prove, it feels so freeing to really go to town and let them explore all the variety I have to offer, because the truth is I have only one aim with these classes. I want the girls to fall so head over heels in love with the feeling of dancing that they never stop. I don't mean that they need to puruse it professionally, just that they keep dancing. This glorious way of expressing feelings and ideas with our bodies is such a basic human thing. Keeps you young at heart and versatile in your body. I truly feel we would be happier as a species if we continued dancing until we were old. Dance speaks the language of feeling and if we've lost or forgotten the words to express our complex emotions, when dancing they come out. The body is a lousy liar and if we let it speak chances are we learn something new about ourselves or get reminded of something old.
Speaking of which, this evening, because it was so much god damn fun to shake my ass to the Swedish Maiffiosos, my body is now loudly reminding me that I am, not perhaps old, but definitely older... So this friday night party girl will now, after a perfectly satisfying Friday evening, spent in the loving company of friends and family, in front of the warm fireplace with Jack Black entertaining, perfectly fulfilling my expectaions, perhaps add one unexpected ingredient to the Friday night fun mix: A hot midnight bath with candles, bubbles and an aspirin...Mmmm...


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