happy birthday my Love

Today is Igor's birthday. Although he fluctuates between being a playful toddler and a very wise old sage his actual age today is 38.
happy birthday my Love
I have known and loved the man for 14 out of those 38 years and we have in these years gone through so many trials and tribulations that I feel confident to say that we'll be spending the rest of them together.
I have known many people in my life, but none of them as all around amazing as my husband. He is kind, generous, truthful and one of the most deeply caring individuals I know. He has always been a searcher for truth, freedom and love, so is scrupulously honest, a natural rebel to any rule or regulation that threaten freedom, and a lover who when he loves, does so with all his being and for always. This, I know, makes me a very lucky woman.

Igor's students often tell him that he is so much wiser than his years, I would like to extend that and let them know that he is so much wiser than about 99% of the population. Some of that wisdom comes from that intelligent mind of his but most of it from this never ending, relentless quest for truth, freedom and love.

He is the kind of man which gives meaning to the description that what you see is what you get, you'll know what kind of day he has just by seeing him, which has always felt very refreshing to me since where I come from we don't exactly wear our hearts on our sleeves unless they are polished and presentable. This, his trait of being honest to a fault in combination with my own stubbornness and escape artistness does not exactly make our life together easy, but I'll tell you this much, it' never boring.

Because of our hectic, uncertain life situation we don't have the luxury of spending that much quality time together, but today on day 38 of my husbands life we've set aside a precious few hours to just hang out, and try our best to not talk about work, money, and other practical stuff, so as I am writing this I am sitting in the car by the beach looking for his blue wetsuit in the waves. After this we'll go for a little drive around the beautiful west coast and maybe even have a romantic lunch. If I had the means I would buy him that new surfboard he is pining for, but since we don't, this little time undisturbed time together and the grey sweatpants Iomi picked out for him will be his present. And in truth, what better way to celebrate a man who by just being present in my world makes it a wondrous place, than to spend the start of his 38th year in love. In the beautiful surrounding he loves, in the water, surfing, which he really loves, and in the company of the woman who loves him more than she could ever imagine possible.

On our way to the beach Igor was reflecting about where he is in life and how that compares to the dreams of his youth, he realized that although things are not flowing as smoothly as he was picturing in his dreamy teenage years, he actually has realized all that he set out to do. Living away from his hometown of Bilbao, in a beautiful warm place. Having a life partner and a kid that he loves with all his might and making his livelihood doing something that feels meaningful.

Happy birthday my Love, my Partner, my Teacher and my Best friend.
Here's to many, many, more.



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