home sweet home

Back home where we are welcomed by rain and storm. But it doesn't matter, home is sweet indeed and I've spent almost the whole day without leaving the house, which by the way has been upgraded since I left.
home sweet home
The pantry is freshly painted, our windows have improved isolation and are squeaky clean, the living room door no longer creak and gets stuck in the floor, we drink from new cups and glasses, have new plates and the house now has a small vegetable garden from which we can look forward to eating our own organic corn, salad, tomatoes, zucchini and strawberries come early summer.
My parents have been visiting for only three weeks, but I tell you, they certainly know how to quietly and with gentle subtelty finetune my everyday existence...I am truly so blessed.

Iomi is 10 days older, and I can feel each time she spends time without us she grows a little, which is very good for her selfesteem. I am just very thankful we only spend time apart once a year, so she doesn't grow too fast...
She is such a reasonable 8 year old, today she came out to us in the kitchen with a very serious face: 'Daddy, did you know that you left your phone on the mattress!?' (We don't have a couch, we all hang out on a big mattress on the floor in the living room) 'I could have sat on it and could have broken!' And later on when taking her bath that I this evening prepared with almond oil to moisten her dry skin, I saw she hadn't brought her Ariel barbie into the bath tub with her, so I asked:

'Don't you want to play with your barbie like you always do?'

'No mommy', she says, 'Because the bath has oil and afterwards it would be impossible to comb her hair and then it would all become like dread locks which I don't like!'

Goodness, where did she get that from? Certainly not from my genetics or by following my example. I suppose I mother her in a grown up, slightly more conservative Pippi Longstocking kind of way.
Could come from Igor, but even though he is more organized than me, if you compare him to any other person who lives closer to the norm, he definitely leans way more towards my version of order.
So Iomi it seems, is this reasonable basically because she is able to draw her own conclusions of what works best for her, not in the small picture but in the big one. This makes me feel so proud and happy for her, this ability to reason will make life much easier and more worry free than mine have been.

So Iomi is responsible for watering and caring for our sprouting veggies, my parents put her in charge and I'm it makes me so touched to see how the two generations of my family relate so well and have in common such sense of order and rationale. I feel a little embarrased at times, when I realise that I am probably always be the perpetual teenager in between, but at the same time I feel so sheltered, having my organized chaos being bookended by their love. All is truly well in my world.



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