It's an underrated gift, the one of imagination. We very often dismiss it as childs play and underestimate it's value as a driving force when looking at how to steer our lives and life forward. All things that we have managed to do, all the things we didn't ... our lives are shaped by our imagination, from this idea, that thought, the hunch, or by imagining that all we amount to, all we are worth is...I'm sure you can fill in the dots.
The experiences I can describe as the greatest ones I have lived, were all born from either fervent passionate imagination or by a stubborn, consistent one. I started imagining Igor during childhood. Spurred on by Cinderella and the world of fairy tale, I imagined that there was someone out there who was perfect for me, that there was such a thing as a soul mate. This fantasy lover metamorphosed throughout the years, went through many drafts but when he appeared all those years later, I immediately realised that he was the figment of my imagination come true. The creative force that turns that imagination to reality is motivation, how much one wants it. If you really want something, your thoughts and energy will go there often and with intensity, and my imaginary superman had certainly been fed by my wanting him to appear.
I imagined being on stage, imagined a life of travelling, experimenting, knowing more..., a life varied and full of love, and from where I stand, I pretty much had that, am having that.
I naturally also had my share of difficult and challenging experiences, but they too were created because of who I imagined I was or thought I wanted to be.

The parallell universe of imagination kind of serves like a blue print for what later becomes or doesn't. The more we entertain a certain image the more we use it as a base for our belief system, and that belief system, whether it is subconscious or has become aware of itself, is what we are living after all. Not in the details but in the feeling that those details invite. We are living the sum of our expectations of what we think, imagine possible.
Mostly it's based on what we have seen, experienced or have been taught.
What imagination allows, is an escape from that second hand view and it can when not clouded by fear give birth to our innate creativity. At some point we stop imagining so much, we grow up and our memory bank starts to more and more take our decisions for us, and then the challenge of responsibility invokes a bit of fear as to what the outcome of the imagined scenario could be. And since we're taught poorly how to deal with fear, we quench our imagination, we reason and play nice.
But I think we need to become a bit more imaginative. Both for our own personal happiness and for the sake of the world.

Just remember that there once upon a time was a man who was very imaginative. He imagined that the world could be a friendlier place, that there would be no more hunger or war. He imagined all the people living life in peace. Now the man was shot, he arose strong fear, but what he imagined lives on in us, hearing his words still ignites the thought of: 'What if...?' In the many for whom he was a spokesman and who has appreciated and keep appreciate his song, that desire and imagination lives on.
There was another man who imagined. One who had a dream, a dream of the legal and moral recognition that we are all created equal. And although his life also had an early violent ending, his dream still lives on in the many who keep working towards equality. There have been many who imagined freedom, equality and love as a better experience of life. Who saw or lived something they didn't like, but then imagined that it was possible to do something about it. From all these suffering, despair and end of the line kind of scenarios we have evolved and it was only because we thought we could, because we imagined that it was possible. I'm sure there are many out there now who imagine what it would be like if we could find a way to sustain life without killing it, for some that becomes an incentive, an idea, hopefully one day a reality. Others will cheer on from the bleachers, because they imagined it too. There are many who work for peace, who imagine what it would be like if we could be compassionate, honest and talk freely with each other, some do it themselves, some teach it, some inspire with their art, some become activists, some do it in their work environment and in their relaitonships.

My imagination rhymes with the one of John Lennon's, but I also imagine that one day there will be many Lennons, Kings, Parks', Gandhis and Teresas and that we one day manage to appease fear and muster up the courage to work together towards not only our survival, but also our evolution. Imagine that...


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