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If you're not at work right now, it means that you've got that inconvenient Friday in between, off. A great day to either hang out with friends and air out the holiday trauma or give a glowing account, to someone that wasn't there, of your almost perfect Christmas experience.
Or, you could stay in and consume audiovisual stimulation for a bit. Switch off the phone or at least set it to vibrate and just veg out in front of the computer. New years is just around the corner with it's resolve of new beginnings, and since that promise is so close, today is the perfect day to not go running and instead lay down, properly digest the excess of the last few nights and while you're at it, let your senses roam free in virtual space.

These days we're kings and queens of audiovisual choice. We've just come out of the selected experience of TV and cinema, the door all of a sudden just blew wide open and now we can see pretty much anything we want, whenever we want to. I sincerely hope this freedom will last. I love the fact that the internet has opened the world to difference of opinion. If you are around my age or older you remember how limited your world view was back before IT. Your country, social environment, culture and educators provided the example you thought you had to live up to. Media at that time for me, was two public television channels, whose programming started at 17:30. And the people that chose which parts of life to show you, were very few and didn't necessarily represent your interests.
So, very limited.
Today we turn on our wifi device and click or slide, et voilá! there's the world at the tip of our fingers. The age of virtual experience has begun and through it we can access a very wide variety of opinion and perspective. Opening our world to each other like never before possible. Like I am opening to you.

Now through all these choices we can satisfy our curiosity, numb ourselves or let our dark secret side come forth, so just like all things powerful, it needs to be handled with intelligence. It is very consuming and addictive, this amount of sensory overflow, and we're very fragile facing it's magnitude. We see, and experience so much more in a much shorter time. And just like freedom of choice was a bitch the first time, in this new evolution of humanity, it is equally confusing. Through this revolution in technology and availability we need to once again take responsibility for our actions and even more so, since we've been given the gift/curse to impulsively, with just a few movements of a finger, expand our world without anyone witnessing what we see...
It doesn't really work to just cut it off. If the internet is a way for you to not deal with your challenges or feelings of discomfort in varying degrees. If it's an escape route, it is a pretty volatile one. It's so easily accessible. As we described in last weekend's Dhammalogue, anything that swoops in and overwhelms your senses can easily become that place of comfort where you bury your worries and that feeling of boredom. If you recognize yourself or have a nagging suspicion that this could be you, it's a good idea to start digging a bit deeper and see what is hiding underneath, what you're avoiding. Watch the amount you are on your online device and if a pattern of overuse, misuse or abuse is emerging, it is probably time to regulate your cyber time.
We will dig deeper in to addiction another time, but for now let's just leave it with that you want to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship to this still almost unlimited access to the world.

I have never been a too enthusiastic user of the internet. I find the freedom of choice aspect overwhelming and often get paralyzed by the incredible range of possibilities it offers. But now, since starting the blog I am spending more hours with the computer and it's actually becoming a beautiful addition to my daily experience. Through blogging I am now not only in the receving end of this open vehicle, but also am presenting something and before I started up, I asked myself what I want to do with this writing, what I wanted to contribute with, and I think my main wish is to inspire, and give some food for thought.
A lot of what I write is just years of acculmulated words and stories from life, but if nothing comes when I sit down to write, I go to the World Wide Web and search for things to get inspired by. And there is so much creative human beauty out there, so much inspiration. Comedy, instructions, creative solutions, voices that make you cry... the list is endless. So by my committement to doing this and the extra time I'm bound to the screen, my days are becoming so much more inspired.

I like this new relationship with the computer, the movies and the net. It seems to have the potential of being an interesting mind opening one. It's very much an 'Ask and you shall receive' situation so by taking the time to think about what I am choosing I remain in charge of this experience and can full enjoy it's immense potential.

Here are a couple of things that could make your day of digestion an inspiring one. The list is not relating to any webpage in particular, but all of them can all be found online, and I am sure your resources to access the viewing experience are way more extensive than mine.

For children big and small:

Kung fu panda, one of my favourites of all time. " Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that's why it is called it the Present". Need I say more...

Up, another master piece showing us that it's never too late for that second wind.

Spirit, Iomi's favourite and a beautiful account of what it means to be free. Also a welcome return for those of us that appreciate the husky voice of Bryan Adams.


Loius CK's "Oh my god". A brilliant stand up performance. Just brilliant. And Louie, season 3 episode 13, an episode that left me breathless.

30 Rock season 2 episode 4. "Never go with a hippie to a second location". just that sentence alone...

The 40 year old virgin. A golden oldie and a laugh out loud, pee yourself treat for all of you that like me, still haven't outgrown the juvenile humour of body fluids and dope induced stupidity.


Million dollar baby. The Clint creation that made us forget he was ever a cowboy.

True Detective. I saw all the episodes in a couple of days. Neglected showers and meals in order to follow Matt M and Woody on this enlightening journey through the swamps of humanity.

The crowning speech by Nicole Kidman as Princess Grace towards the end of the movie is glorious.


Searching for Sugar Man. Oh Malik, how sad we will not be able to see through your eyes anymore.

Crazy Wisdom, the life of Chögyam Trungpa. My main inspiration in, a Teacher amongst teachers. Advanced tantric Buddhist yoga, born from a mind that cracks yours open. An example to whom I humbly bow.

Have an enjoyable day!


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