Milk your own cow

Today I received an e-mail from a reader that had an attached extract from a book that she felt that she wanted to share with me and it very aptly relates to one of the cornerstones of what we teach, our passion for the DIY approach, so I want to pay it forward to you.
Milk your own cow
   'A master had a student who had never seen a cow nor tasted milk, but he knew that milk was nutritious. So he wanted to find a cow milk it and drink the milk. He went to his master and asked him, 'Do you know anything about cows?'
The master answered, 'Of course.' The student requested,' Please describe a cow to me.' So the master described a cow:' A cow has four legs. It's a tame, docile animal, not found in the forest but in villages. It's milk is white and is very good for your health.'
He described the type of tail and ears it has, everything.

After this description the student went in search of a cow. On the way he came across a statue of a cow. He looked and thought, 'This is surely what my master described to me.' By chance that day some people who lived nearby were whitewashing their house and there was a bucket of whitewash near the statue. The student saw it and concluded, 'This must be theat milk which they say is so good for you to drink.' He gulped down some of the whitewash, became terribly ill, and had to be taken to a hospital.
After he recovered he went back to his master and angrily charged, 'You are no teacher!'
His master asked, 'What's the matter?' The student replied, ' Your description of a cow was not at all accurate.'
'What happened?' He explained and the master asked, 'Did you milk the cow yourself?'
'No.' 'That is why you suffered.'

It's such a crucial part of this journey of freedom, to step up and claim full responsibility for your past, present and future. And in your quest for meaning, truth and love, to not solely rely on intellectual knowledge, teachers or scriptures to guide you there. After all it is you that have to walk your walk, in your body and your mind. It is you that have to face your own life and death, nobody and no thing can do it for you.

Thank you Magdalena for your kind words and for the story, enjoy milking your cow.


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