My Marriage

I am so blessed to have met my Life partner Igor. I know it is a privileged luxury to enjoy such a deep and complete union with another. We have known each other for 13 years and been married for 12. A marriage that like all relationships has ups and downs, stretches with the years spent together and occasionally curves in surprising unexpected ways.
We met in India. At the time I was working as a dancer in a company in Sweden and the choreographer we were working with used the ashtanga standing series as a warm up. It was so difficult, breathing through the pain, meeting my physical and mental insecurities. I suffered and cried, but it captured my curiosity, fascinated, and tapped in to this ancient longing I had always felt inside to somehow 'fix' something. This stretching and breathing thing called Yoga seemed to provide an answer to an up until then unformulated question. I was recommended to go and study with an American teacher living in India. When I arrived it turned out that this teacher did indeed live and teach there but had gone back to the states for a bit and would not be back until I had to leave. So I was in India for three weeks with no agenda. Now I already had a love/hate affair to the country and it's cultural challenges and had already spent some youthful time backpacking across it so I knew that three weeks in India is very little given the sheer enormity and complexity of it. The day after my arrival I decided on a whim to move to the neighboring guest house, which consisted of some simple bamboo bungalows built on stilts right in front of the beach, not necessarily an upgrade from where I was staying but a way for my restless mind to calm a bit by giving it New. Igor lived in the bungalow coupled with mine, we shared a roof, a floor and a flimsy separating wall. The first time I saw him was not impacting, a long haired, necklace clad hippie of the type not at all uncommon to the setting. Not at all my cup of tea, and I didn't give him or the encounter a second thought. But later that day I saw him on the beach, playing with a little kid. I saw his warmth and beauty and all of a sudden the question of what I was going to do on my non yoga yoga vacation became a little clearer. I was going to do him.

more on my marriage tomorrow...


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