my marriage part 2

Igor came from a very different background. He was studying to become an engineer in his hometown Bilbao, still lived with his parents and was just coming out of a 6 year relationship with his childhood sweetheart but he was suffering the entrapment of this future life he was supposed to live.
He didn't have any real interest in engineering it was just something he as a high IQ bearer was expected to do. He always wanted and dreamt of adventure, of exotic experience, of more. But this was before the big boom of internet and from his limited view, those dreams were all very remote and almost impossible to reach. His upbringing and education was all fear based where misery, lack and death was taught would be waiting for him should he step out from the cocoon of his society and culture. So he trudged through his education by mostly being absent. Walking the streets of Bilbao smoking joints, thinking, dreaming and crying instead of being in school or actually studying. He stayed in his loving relationship even though he knew that they would eventually be doomed by very different life goals and still kept dreaming that one day he would meet that other one, The One. Now he was twenty four, He had just met another girl, and through that meeting he was given the final push to end his high school sweetheart romance, he had only a year left of studies and then he was gonna...That's when we met.

He saw me me and from first having seen me as the weird Japanese neighbor I got suddenly upgraded to the thought that I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, (granted I was clad in a very expensive blue bikini and did have a dancers body so his reproducers probably steered his vision). He came up and asked for a pen, I didn't have one. Then he came up again and just asked if I wanted to talk. And talked we did, his English was not that great or at times not even understandable but somehow we both concluded after about 5 minutes together that we both felt so comfortable, so at home with each other. Due to the look he was sporting I assumed he knew his way around the grass route and asked him if he knew where we could find some Hail Mary. And that was our first date. Lurking through the narrow streets of town, following random rickshaw wallahs to obscure locations not included in The Lonely planet guidebook. We came home with a shopping bag of Mary, spent the night on the same side of our adjoining wall and decided to travel together. For a while. The rest as they say, is history.

more on my marriage tomorrow....


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