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Although I am left handed and largely chaotic I house a very strong observational, making sense kind of side. A large part of that side comes forth when I look back and analyze my life, the conclusion drawn is that the years that have passed since I started digging deeper in to the business of knowing myself and Life have been an enormous upgrade from the time when all I wanted to do was to hide from that knowledge. Yoga works.

My relationship to the wisdom teachings has slowly matured from an interesting, applicable theory to complete fascination and surrender. Awareness and it's expression and expansion in my life permeates my every hour and it's become the complex internal compass where the safety zone of good and bad, right and wrong are frequently questioned. A compass that is no longer only based on my education, upbringing and culture, but of the experience based on the observation of cause and effect. That clearly points towards true intelligence, kindness and compassion since thoughts words and actions coming from those intentions, give an effect that simply feels better and provide a more harmonious environment for my aging self. When I practice, formally, whether it's a moving, physical practice or a more stillness based one I still go back to the basics: What is happening now? How do I feel? What is happening with my breath? What are the passing flavors of my thoughts? Generally the more scattered or restless I feel the more I rely on stillness. I Love the metaphor of the wild puppy that if left unleashed runs in to all kinds of trouble and is soon lost to it's owner, but when chained to a post, circles restlessly for a while but eventually calms down and goes to rest. The more whimsical the puppy like mind, the more a still focused practice will serve you. There is a reason we invented slow motion cameras, there is simply too much going on for us to be aware, when life is going at full speed, the details of experience will only come forth when we slow down, when we still our minds. The still practice can take a more yang, a more creative direction or have a more yin based, soft flavor depending on your day, what your body needs, what makes sense for you. How much time you have? Regardless of which approach you practice with, the anchoring basic practice of simple awareness is essential and is the foundation necessary to fully explore the possibility of real happiness, that Yoga so gracefully provides.


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