Welcome to my Blog, to my thoughts and my Life. My name is Jenny and I am a Yogi. I can fully subscribe to that now. It's taken me a few years.

I have in the past and probably pretty much still do presented an easygoing but reserved disposition to the world. I'm private, not reclusive in any way but my tendency at least in the past has been to not disclose too much of myself and keep an internal world, a kind of secret hideaway where no one could enter and witness my stash of insecurities. The decision to start writing this blog has come from a feeling that it is time to start opening up and sharing myself more openly, honestly. And to let you in on some of the useful ways that I have learned to navigate this maze we call life. I also write for the sheer pleasure of it, from my true enjoyment of the written word and it's possibilities, but mainly from this deeper instinct that it's time to open my proverbial closet and air out a bit. I have had many incarnations in this life, a wide variety of professions, many life changes and turn of events, lived a life that is rich of stories, and maybe some of what I have experienced can inspire, maybe some what I've learned and what I'm learning can be of use. Besides being a Yogi I also teach Yoga, a beautiful practice in itself, and I really want people to fully appreciate the awesome intelligence and heart of this magnificent life support system. So me writing this, in a way, is me taking that teaching practice out of the room/ sala/studio and out to whoever wants to read it. And in another way it's part of my process of uncorking, letting some of all that is going on inside spill out on virtual paper. I don't know how this process will be, have no idea as to structure, what I will say or how it will be said, but I will connect every day. Some entries will be long, some short, some from inspiration and some from discipline, but something will be written. I have a student that once very wisely told me; 'Just write it all down so you can let it go and move on'. Thanks Lynne.

I am a yogi, and a wife, a mother, a daughter, a concerned citizen, an aging woman and a human. Being that sort of modern day yogi, and there are many of us now, is complicated, and at times confusing. How do you translate the advice from the ancient, to the global fast speeding reality that goes on now? Unless we manage to sneak away from it all, our attempts at periods of Sadhana are continuously interrupted and interspersed with endless to do, to see and to experience lists. Being a serious Yogi in the midst of family and practicalities can seem contradictory, not being a nun myself and with many worldly responsibilities, Yoga for me is a lifesaver. And I love it. My love story with Yoga has gone on more than a decade now and like any real marriage it has it's ups and downs. Sometimes I reflect on how much more simple it was when I could just eat whatever without thought of consequence, when I could intoxicate completely free of guilt and choose to neglect the more scary places in my mind. Sometimes being more awake, feels too real. I guess, a little like when we left childhood behind and realized that happily ever after was more complicated than the Disney’s version of it. The prospect of growth is at the same time exhilarating and very scary. Most of the time though, I thank my lucky stars that I found Yoga. This practice, this movement towards awareness has given my life richness, the real possibility fearlessness and a great sense of humor. It's opened my mind and heart and provides a constant sense of adventure to just being alive. And this is what I want to share with you. This adventure that being alive is.


Welcome to our writing where we will share our thoughts and practices with you.

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