Sense of humour

I have found a new brand of hero, The comedian. The Charlie Chaplins of this world.
Sense of humour
I consider these wonderful folks that round off of my seriousness, incredibly useful teachers. The way that Louis CK can make me feel after a long day of work, beats almost anything, even chocolate and a bath with bubbles. His brutally honest yet gentle reflections on life makes me look upon whatever disaster that happened during my day with that same wink in the eye. To laugh is such a beautiful, joyous way to let go. It blows the lid off. Laughing feels so good, it's right up there with a good orgasm.
This new brand of heroes that with humour examine their life and life in general are for me as valuable as the spiritual teachers that inspire me.

I remember when I first read about sense of humour as a serious element of spirituality. It was in Chögyam Trungpas brilliant book 'Cutting through spiritual materialism', which by the way is definitely one for the book list, where he discusses sense of humours inevitability on the spiritual path. I get that. It's inevitable that we will not feel resentment, shame and guilt. Feelings that make us hide. But as we practice seeing them more clearly with less emotional charge, it's also inevitable that our dramatic emotional eruptions will start to look humouros. And invite us to open.
When our shame, guilt and badness are perceived with a sense of humour it takes some of the edge off. It's feels softer. We are more receptive to let down our guard, peel off our layers and dig a little deeper in our investigation of us and them. The smile that humour brings in it's wake creates space for tenderness and sympathy.

And that is what makes Ellen Degeneres, Louis CK, Jimmy Fallon or whoever makes you laugh so invaluable. They go to their darker more shocking sides and through lovingly wrapping them in humour, they expose themselves. We get to hear about the skeletons in their closets, laugh about their neurotic irrationalities and we love them anyway, inspiring us to view our own quirks and those annoying little habits of the people in our lives in that same tender light.

Here is some sense of humour to put a smile to your day. Enjoy!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY43Emlv584 Ellen Degeneres on Jimmy Kimmel (watch all three parts)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvlSxCC0wVg Louis CK in all his brilliance
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8imo7l-fq7I Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels on Jimmy Fallon


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