Sexual healing

As you probably know I have had a very stubborn injury in my back and it has been dragging on for two weeks now.
Sexual healing
Have done a lot of work and gotten to a broader understanding of my body and the internal alignment process, so it certainly hasn't been time wasted, but man has it been annoying. For someone like me who has spent her whole life at the service of the body, experimenting with increased possibility of movement, to be limited is difficult. The annoyance is one of many layers that at the bottom hides a great fear, that of not being able to live a life of full mobility, of aging, of death...and all these issues have come forth when during theselast couple of weeks when I have been working on my back. I tried some anti inflammatories but had to give them up since the rest of the body was protesting loudly to the bad that came with the good so I have gone yoga full out. Savasana and practices of strong mula bandha combined with by moving mindfully in my day to day chores has been great and very revealing. But yesterday something clicked and fell into place, bringing the healing a whole leap forward and the key was to have some very good sex and a few really knee bending orgasms.
I have written about it before but am still kind of surprised when I follow my own advice and find out that it works so well. Makes sense though, it is an extremely sensory thing, sex, and if you strip it from it's psychological aspect, it really is a highly efficient tool for all things tension. Without the drama, orgasming is simply a heightened moment of awareness and release, which can alleviate some of the tension that accumulates, during times of hardship or when there's a corruption to the functioning of your body. Healing with a sexual flavour.
I would recommend for all yogis, to implement a serious investigation of sexuality. Our view of sex and the pleasure we experience or not experience under it's extensive banner, is an arena of life which is useful to look deeper in to if you are curious to know yourself more intimately. And the actual physical act of orgasming can as it was proven to me last night, be a real quantum leap in the process of healing.

It's just like Mr Marvin proclaimed all those songs ago:

' And when I get that feeling
I want sexual healing
Sexual healing is good for me
Makes me feel so fine, it's such a rush
Helps to relieve the mind, and it's good for us!'



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