Thank you for the music

I'm educating Iomi in music. Not formally or even with expectations of any particular response, but she loves music and has expressed a desire to learn about it and I'm game. She has deducted that since she loves music so much, she should work with music, because she wants to do something she loves when she grows up, so she will be a happy worker, yes, we trained her well...
since music is such a great source of joy in my life, dancing to it, singing it or simply just enjoying it, I have enthusiastically taken on the task of introducing to her the many ways you can enjoy it. She loves playing the piano so for the first time I have real use for all those years of piano lessons. We practice and play together, I teach her a bit, show her some things and help her cultivate her love and curiosity for it. She got a microphone from her grandparents for christmas and we're starting to sniff it a bit. Besides playing and singing, we try to find music that she likes, I am showing her some artists who inspired and created musical magic in my life, and together we search youtube for things that sound good.
It's a lovely way to spend time with her. Iomi is now in the self proclaimed 'I'm not a small child anymore' category. She is no longer just thrilled by my mere presence and spontaneous cuddling is no longer a given. So to listen to and play music together is a great bridge for us or rather, for me, to establish new ways of spending fun time together. We both get to do something we enjoy, without her having to have to endure my frequent attacks of hugs and kisses, and she in turn gets to enjoy me in a more friend like way.
Another reason I engage so much is because of our car rides. In the car we always listen to music, loud with the windows down, and as I drive and look back at her in the mirror, my heart swells. There is an expression of pure happiness in her face that one does not often see and it instantly translates into my own, so this naturally makes me want to give her as much of that joy as I can.

Igor is teaching her Rock, in the car he drives there is a whole different playlist. One of the things that was more difficult in our relationship in the beginning was that god damn rock. He would sometimes wake me up by blasting System of a Down at a very unswedish volume and drove me crazy with his air guitar stunts at 7 o clock in the morning when I happen to be the grumpiest. So, as you understand the man really loves his metal. His enthusiasm eventually wore me down, contagied me and now I also love it, not perhaps as paasionately as he does, but I appreciate it as the blast of energy and emotion that it is.
And so it seems does Iomi, she once even closed herself in the living room with Pantera and the Mac visualiser and it held her ther hypnotised by sheer blasting of energy for a long time. Since she has gotten her rock education from very young years, she is even more than me a connaiseur of the good stuff. And loves anything from Guns n' roses to Hailstorm.

When I ask Iomi what makes music so special in her life, she says:

'It's like a feeling I have never felt before, like I can't describe, but like being blown away, as if the music makes me feel blown away!'

I know the feeling. I still experience it when I drive, when I walk, when I dance, when I do yoga with music... It has always felt like the language of life to me, like that which reaches beyond the fathomable. I am very happy that Iomi shares that love, and that I through our music project get to hear and feel it it through her fresh (y)ears.

If any of you have a suggestion a piece of music that has blown you away, please share it with me on Facebook. I am a bit of a musical dinosaur and would really welcome tips, suggestions to keep exploring with Iomi. We welcome all styles and ways will lend a curious ear to anything that could put that little cherry on top of our many rides in the car. Please, blow us away!


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