The Bird

Igor is putting Iomi to sleep today. They tickle, they laugh, they read and tell funny stories of crazy monsters, aliens and fairy worlds
He makes her laugh her heart out, one of the most beautiful sounds there is, your daughter's laughter. And usually at the end Igor sings her this old Basque folk song from Mikel Laboa: 'Txoria Txori'. It's in Euskera, the Basque language, so I translate the original below. Iomi loves it and falls calmly asleep with it, hope you too. Sweet dreams.

'Hegoak ebaki banizkio
nerea izango zen,
ez zuen aldegingo.
Bainan, honela
ez zen gehiago txoria izango
eta nik...
txoria nuen maite.'

'If I cut its wings,
it would be mine,
it wouldn't escape.
But then
it wouldn't be a bird anymore
and I...
loved the bird'


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