The state of affairs

Have had a month of vacation. Or rather, gave myself a month to be completely off which turned out to be a really good idea, I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to tackle life again.
The state of affairs
Christmas and New Years came and went without too much too muchness and the holidays in our idyllic winter retreat haven has been mostly spent in front of the fireplace, I've engaged in all my favorite activities as one should during precious holiday time, yoga, sleeping, ingesting plenty of sugar and sodium filled treats of both liquid and baked character and of course watching tons of movies. But as all good things it is now coming to an end, Iomi is going back to school tomorrow and with that life will return to its normal rhythm. After the hectic summer we put the kid through it has felt extra good to give her a real holiday. She's spent more time in her pajamas than out of it and there has been sleep overs, play dates, baking and pancake evenings and an excess of mine craft so her Christmas break was truly a break, both for her and us.
Now January becomes with some sort of middle way detox and plenty of sauna as I feel the need to sweat out some of the extra toxins and kilos that Santa brought.

Winter here in my sweet mild paradise life looks and feels blissfully/scarily untouched by the conflicts and politics that ensues in the north and mid regions of Europe. Feels like a different continent, almost a different time zone altogether, there is no refugee crisis, no real perception of any Isis crisis, the only crisis we still feel intimately tied in with is the financial one and the conflictive reality I witnessed in Sweden a month ago, feels in this part of the world very far away.

It was good to get exposed first hand to what I previously only read about online, first of all it makes me appreciate so much more what I feel about life down here and secondly it makes me dive in to practice with renewed zeal. The confusion and the extremities that we're living through call for greater understanding, a greater amount of intelligence and above all a greater commitment to compassion and I am so not there yet. I get angry, devastated and outraged by what I see, read and think. And the target for my outrage is shifty, I get upset by the terrorists, the extremists and the 'dogooders' all with the same amount of zeal, revealing that the reactivity of the mind is still heavy at work, leaving me at times unclear and unable to see the bigger picture. And the bigger picture says that there has always been unrest, violence and destruction the same way there has always been tranquility, good heartedness, and creation. One goes with the other, the ways the forces expand and the playing field in which they do has to do with what we choose to take responsibility for, how we meddle, our common response and reaction to that which we witness and experience. And right now it seems we're full of fear. To the same degree that we have systematically set out to resist and reject the uncertainties of life and given our creative attention to comfort and that illusion of safety, to that same degree the monster of fear has grown. Whether the actual threat is called Hitler or Isis is immaterial and as shapeless as time itself. The fact that we're still using the comfort of a common enemy to give fear a shape and a face doesn't make us any wiser and seem to only perpetuate the perceived danger. Just read a few days ago that Denmark is now robbing the refugees of their valuables to "cover the expenses" of the cost of the increased immigration at the same time the Swedish government comes across as being assholes for reintroducing border controls. In truth I think that they're just incredible naive, those Scandinavian leaders.

It doesn't take away from the fact that it's very hard to not get disillusioned when witnessing how they 'lead'. The only thing missing from this picture of mass insanity would be crowning Donald Trump president.

So, being on holiday hasn't exactly been an escape from reality but rather a check on it.
I have however gotten some inspiration that I can now share with you. Stay tuned


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