In the bus yesterday there was a boy in his late teens travelling together with his grandmother. Since they communicated in English, it appeared as though she was living there and he visiting or perhaps he was studying at the university, but whatever their circumstance was this Sunday morning, grandma was clearly in charge.
The boy was your standard cool looking dude, which had he been in the company of friends instead of his grandmother, would probably be one of those boys, who take up two seats for himself, and listens to loud music in oversized headphones. Subdued by her presence, he instead spent the whole ride looking out the window, slightly embarrased by Grandmas speaking volume. Grandma must have been in her late seventies and had some sort of hearing deficiency because she was speaking so loud that the whole front of the bus could hear their conversation.

'Do you have a girlfriend now, Simon?' she asked.

'No, grandma I don't', Simon answers, slightly embarrased.

'Well you should, there are many nice girls here in Amsterdam, many students from everywhere, and many nice boys also'.

'Well, that's good grandma, 'but I'm fine like it is, and I'm not into b...'

'But, you are young, grandma interrupted, 'You should go out, experiement, maybe try something different, different girls and boys. It is good for you!'

'OK, grandma, says Simon sinking deeper in to his seat, 'but I'm really fine'.

'You know, variety is very good, trying new things healthy. Nobody likes to eat the same food every day, now do they Simon?'

Simon declined to answer and Igor an I looked smilingly at eachother. Such a gem of a conversation, a perfect souvenir from Amsterdam, the city where almost anything goes.

Am now sitting on the plane on our way back home, and back to our beloved Iomi. It's been a glorious 10 days. Both courses went very well, the last one in Amsterdam was a blast. 10 hours of intense yoga and Dhamma conversations, all in the scope of 24 hrs. We had a full house, students both old and new had come from near and far just to be with us, which made us feel so touched and honoured. We got some days between the courses, to catch up on much needed sleep and also got to spend some quality time together, something which is rare in our lives down there, where work, scholl and issues take up most of our time. So these little working holidays spent away, are always needed and so appreciated.

Now all I can think about is Iomi. To in a couple of hours squeeze her close to me and bury my face in her smell. We've bought her a some flourescent starts for her bedroom ceiling to accompany her into the night, a pair of prank glasses that are also straws, to make breakfast a funfest, and a teddy bear of gold, not real gold obviously, but one that shines as brightly as Iomi does in our lives. Can't wait to see the look on her face when she opens it.

It's really good to get away once in while, makes me appreciate where I live. And to walk the busy city streets and see all the completely unessecary but pretty items in the shop windows becomes a little adventure, like India used to feel all those years ago.
The lively energy wakes me up, inspires creativity and gives a little bit of variety to my otherwise pretty predictable existence. Like Simon's grandmother so wisely pointed out; we need that bit of variety to keep our spark and curiosity alive, because really, who likes to eat the same food everyday...


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