Which yoga style is best for me?

Advice on choosing the style of yoga that is most appropiate for your body type, personality and circumstances.
Which yoga style is best for me?
Over the years, one of the questions that we get asked most is 'which yoga style do you teach/practice' and 'which style of yoga should I practice when I go back home?'. We have always struggled to give an aproppiate answer but the subject arises so much curiosity in the mind of all those who are taking up a yoga practice, that we are finally addressing the subject here.

The birth of yoga styles

The tree of yoga is a vast one and every practitioner has their unique way of arranging movement, breath, posture, meditation, effort and release. When one of this interpreters becomes a teacher, a point of reference, occasionally they find the need to label their particular approach to the wisdom of yoga and thus a yoga style is born. Give this to the ever branding machinery of modern marketing and take in consideration the increasing number of yogis and yoga teachers working now all over the world and soon you end up with a jungle of styles, approaches and sensitivities in where the modern adept has a hard time finding his bearings.

The way we see it

Jenny and I have a slight unusual approach to the art of practicing and teaching yoga. We see it a little bit like music. We did follow certain styles for a while, both of yoga and meditation, but always felt constricted if forced to stay in just one way of moving or breathing, so over the years our aim has become, not to set up a sequence or a methodology of practice, but instead to help you understand the basic building blocks of the practice and then empowering you to feel able and adequate to combine those elements in a way that makes sense for you. With a bit of practice and perseverance, you'll soon move through the period of confusion that doing yoga in the solitude of your living room neccessarily will bring, and eventually will discover that both your body and your mind have an inherent intuition that will guide you through your practice.


There are probably hundreds of teachers and yoga schools in your city, thousands of yoga pages, books and youtube videos and plenty of retreat centres in and outside your continent, so you needn't feel worried that inspiration won't show up when you most need it. When you are thirsty for more knowledge, for companionship in your practice, for moral, emotional and spiritual support, countless fountains of yoga nectar will appear in front of your eyes, so fear not that empty mat that's waiting in the corner, fear not the solitude of the yogi, for it is in that solitude, in that silence that you will truly hear your own voice.

The importance of being flexible... in your mind

You are a unique expression of the human template and that expression is in constant flow. Your body is changing, your circumstances are changing, your age is changing, your emotions are changing. No one way of interpreting and relating to your self, which is what yoga wants to be after all, will ever be enough. You need to constantly adapt to this continuous roller coaster and find ways to heal your body and heart that are pertaining to the movement to are living in. People, teachers, masters will give you guidance, point in a wholesome direction, but it is eventually up to you to walk that path, make mistakes, learn from them and surprise yourself with endless fountain of wisdom that lies within you.

Sing your song

A teacher is necessary in the beginning, even for a long time in some cases, for some on a weekly basis in your favourite yoga studio, for some on a yearly basis in your favourite retreat setting, to help you bypass your initial limitations and keep you real where you have a tendency to lie to yourself. But eventually you'll want to severe that link, or at least loosen it up so your own interpretation has space to grow. Going back to the music analogy, you'll go to music school to learn a few times a week, probably for a long time, but you won't wait till class time to practice, you'll pick up your guitar every now and then and just strum the strings. Moreover, your teacher might be classically trained, or a jazz aficionado, but you won't find joy in walking on his footstep if your love is rock or R&B or whatever it might be. Your cords, your songs might not sound pretty in the beginning but be patient, one it day they will.

Yoga is not be an obscure science. There might have been a time where the road to yoga was obscure and lead you to a cave in a Himalayan mountain top, but those days are over. The boom of spiritual teachings and the democratization of information thanks to the current technological developments, make it possible now for us to bring the practice to where it always belonged, to the intimacy of your private space. To your life


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