Yin-The stillness where compassion is born part 2

Compassion means to suffer with, to suffer together. It indicates that in order to heal the pain and hurt we all feel, we need to fully recognize our own and stay learn to stay open and soft there. Even though it hurts.
Compassion asks for all we've got, for being so honest with what we are feeling that we admit to the full extent of who we are. To with clarity and openess to the transient nature of things fully embrace the fact that the complete picture includes resolving the opposites and contrast that we encounter within and without. To understand through experience, that those thoughts of hurting another or the act of doing so, intentionally or unintentionally is a potential force that is present within all of us and that the only way we can ever feel free is by freeing the parts of us that makes us hide and separate from others. So that we don't just feel like victims and continue judging all those that we perceive as perpetrators in this world. Judging others reveals a part of us that is hidden, closteted, not healed. The full truth of compassion asks us to not only feel tenderness and sypmpathy for the victims but understand the pain that is hidden in the perpetrator as well. Not staying idle and passive when we sense pain but understand that certain hurtful behaviour demands strong action, but understanding that it's the act not the person that we are addressing, the person when so deeply hurt, needs for our response to be rooted in love. Just think about it, imagine you have a friend that is being 'mean' to you, if you respond to that with strong agression, you will only fuel the fire, create more tension. If you instead choose to swallow those first prideful, righteous sentences and lay down your weapons, that fire will eventually die by lack of fuel, and intelligent communication becomes possible.

When we are in pain, whether that pain stems from a sphinx pose or from heartache, we are asked a question, given a fork in the road where we choose how to respond. We can keep defending, create more tension, cling to our version of things and keep asking why 'it' or 'they' don't change for us to feel better. A scenario we have all tried and recognized as futile. Or, we can lower our guns and approach pain. Using awareness and breath to navigate through and gently penetrate it so we get to know how it feels, not only what we think about how it feels, become friends with this inevitable and very real aspect of ourselves and life. Because to heal any version of pain is to know it, accept and love it and let it become a source of wisdom.

Once we become aware that it feels better to love than to feel aversion to any degree, most of us make the choice to love. And let as little as possible of unconscious agression leak out, but be softened from within. Not beause it is right or because it says so in the sriptures, but simply beause it feels better and when looking at life and the state of affairs in this world, love feels like a more acutely important quality to cultivate.
Yin yoga very slowly allows you to feel and comprehend that, it takes a bit of time and some practice, but when it opens for you, it's a revelation. As you give yourself more time to really dive in to your situation/posture you have agreater chance to become more aware of the subtle energies in the body, allowing for that which more profoundly hidden to arise and be known. Both pleasure and pain, sin and redemption. By including both end of the spectra, by letting yourself be all that you are, the edginess of your feelings don't feel so threatening and can be tamed, since you know that those edges have the potential to wound both to yourself and others deeply. And at the same rate that you become more forgiving and accepting of yourself, your acceptance of the people and situations that compose your reality increases. Once again, life is not lived outside of you, it is happening and being processed inside your mind and body. The generosity of the Yin practice also reveals that. The whole range of sensations, emotions and thoughts dancing inside of us even though we are in complete stillness wtih no outside stimuli. It is all happening inside, it is life that we feel and all our experience of life takes place in a world that is all internal.

If we claim full responsibility for this internal world, we take the commitment to open to awareness even though the journey is filled with pain. We commit to compassion, to bring light to the nature of pain and learn to love the full package, all of you, and all of them. If we start to understand and learn to respond fully to whatever arises, like or dislike, then perhaps we will begin to get to know what they felt, those Gandhis, Buddhas and Jesuses that we so revere. Maybe then we can crack the code. But we have to go there, to those uncomfortable inconvenient places in ourselves, we need to be present in them in order to really understand the fabric of life because compassion takes no compromises, it asks us to be courageous and recognize our demons and pleasures alike so we can empathize. It's an all in, open ended proposal to end all conflict with love.


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