Yoga & Surf

I was recently asked to explain what are to you expect when you attend one of our yoga & surf retreats. The fundamentals are easy to explain
Yoga & Surf
You’ll stay in wonderful accommodation at the Vale de Lama Eco Retreat, surrounded by farm gardens, not far from the ocean. You’ll eat wonderfully cooked vegetarian food: a luscious breakfast buffet, a deluxe packed picnic box to eat at the beach after surf and an even ‘delux-ier’ dinner when you get back home from the beach, nearly all of it organic. Schedule is similar every day. Wake up, tea and fruit, yoga, breakfast and drive to the beach, where you’ll surf and enjoy beach life till you come back to vale de Lama in the afternoon. There we’ll talk about the day adventures and have a soft restorative/breathing evening yoga practice before we unleash you to a healthy version of comfort food dinner. Chat a bit, sleep a lot, tomorrow more.

However how to explain surf and its combination with yoga is a littler trickier. See, surfing is as much fun as it is challenging, offering a clear taste of both flavors right from the getgo. You’ll laugh like a child the first time the waves push your board and feel yourself slide over water, and even more the first time you fall flat on your bum. Not to mention, the first time you actually stand up on the board and walk on water! You’ll literally high five any human being you see within a twenty-meter radius. It’s just that exhilarating. But you will indeed fall flat on your bum and the board will hit you a couple of times and your back will be sore and you’ll get occasionally frustrated with one of the steepest learning curves in the sports world. It stretches you from laughter all the way to tears and back to laughter and in the way introduces you to every single muscle in your body. To guide you through this rollercoaster we collaborate with Future Surf School, one of the oldest, most respected schools in the western Algarve, who pride themselves of offering quality, dependable instruction, which is constantly confirmed by the feedback of all of the participants from previous years.

Now you can see how yoga is essential for any surfer, regardless of age or condition, but especially for those with a little age and some conditions, like most of us are. But also the other way around, for a yogi or a meditator to meet his mind and body in a completely out of context situation (you could live your whole life without knowing what a surfboard is and wouldn’t ever miss it) that presents the opportunity of mixing joy and friction in a physical wrapping is a wonderful gift. One way or the other, all I can say is that the marriage between surf, meditation and yoga is one of the most fitting ones I have found in my almost two decades of practice and that despite all the bruises and bumps and the slower recovery time that my 42 year old body allows, I still wake up at sunrise on a Sunday morning to check the waves.

When it comes to the yoga department, the teachings will reflect this duality. Jenny and I will help you heal your body with practices that speed up the recovery process of your pains between surfs and simultaneously will draw inspiration from the obstacles found during surfing time to propel further our understanding of meditation and alignment, both static and in motion. I am almost sure that, regardless of your surf or yoga experience, you will not only enjoy but also learn a lot about yourself and your body this week.

You are most welcome!
Hang loose ;)

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