Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats


A retreat is a safe haven where you can rest, sleep, eat well and be taken care of, so you can feel and heal your body, hear your own thoughts and look at life with a bit of distance and a fresh perspective. An opportunity to lick the wounds and mend the cracks that life’s wear and tear inevitably creates. Yoga and meditation are essential tools to deepen and accelerate the process of healing that takes place during this time off. Enhanced breath and body awareness when brought to ergonomic postural alignment and energy efficient movement patterns, creates the ideal circumstances for the mind to relax and open up so the body can repair itself and you can get a lighter, kinder view of yourself.


All practices and training methods for either mind or body will be simply explained, in a clear and accessible language. The explanations are skilfully multi-layered so both inexperienced and experienced practitioners can learn at their own level and take back home a new wave of inspiration for their practice. We also offer two distinct experiences:

A Healing Retreat for those who want rest, hammock time, reading books and taking calm walks in between classes and meals. Soft yoga styles (Yin, Restorative, Soft Flow, Pranayama or Meditation) will take precedence during this week.


A Surf and Yoga Retreat if you are looking for action, dancing with nature and feeling like a kid again. Yoga to warm up in the morning and to cool off in the evening, will assist you through this adventure.


A general atmosphere of kindness, respect, awareness and common sense is provided, allowing you to feel comfortable in your own skin as you go through the week, without any of the specific yogic or spiritual expectations that are often associated with these kind of events. You as you are is good enough.


We have changed the venue, searching for a return to a nature setting that inspires serenity and introspection and we found it at Aqua Ventura, a calm, beautiful, secluded off the grid retreat center near the West Coast down here in South of Portugal. You have to see it. Let me rephrase, you have to feel it, so nurturing. The hosts, Jonathan and Violeta, have a longtime experience in nature and sea activities and vast knowledge in eco and sustainable living, so even during the Healing retreats, you can easily leave the hammock to go surf, climb, cycle or learn about natural living.


The accommodation is a unique experience. Cottages are set among the Cork oak forest and is surrounded by a landscape of rivers, gardens and nature. Each space has been individually built, giving it a different style, view & beauty. Cozy areas, bright spaces with sweeping views of the spectacular natural environment.
Each room or cottage is equipped with its own bathroom but should you want to foray into nature, try the outside showers overlooking the river. Hidden among the trees you are secluded from the outside world but surrounded by nature.



In the lounge, there is a corner fireplace for reading, writing, games or afternoon tea...lots of comfortable cozy seating.
The dining room is a large covered deck surrounded by nature.
During your free time, you can realx in a hammock reading your book, go swimming in a large spring fed lake, go zip lining or paddle board.


Aqua Ventura
Moinho Velho
Aldea de Pedralva