Our privately tailored retreats are for individuals who need to work on a specific issue or aspect of life that feels challenging, giving a more personalized experience of yoga, away from it all, without the environment of a group setting or in the setting of your private groups. This style of retreat is directed to those people who want or need to have exclusive attention. An exceptional experience and a challenging journey for those who really want to learn how to use yoga for life. A reaffirmation of our will to bring yoga to where it is needed.

The same duration as the regular group retreats, they will include two sessions daily, a combination of yoga lessons and shiatsu treatments, and the possibility of blending them with other activities that may be of particular use for the individuals and the issue at hand. We will carefully clarify and explain the pertaining aspects of yoga that are most relevant for the individuals.
The private retreats will be hosted, half or full board in beautiful quality accommodation.

By appointment only at