Sweet people,

Where were we…? Covid, new home, forest fires… ah yes, everything else. And yoga, always yoga.

We continue with our online live lessons, shall we? We’ll shift to YouTube this week, got tired of all the Zoom linking and clicking, so… YouTube it is. We’ll keep the classes online for a few days, with a short description, this way you can watch them and practice with us whenever you want. No sign up, no registration, just click on our channel, et voila, there we are. We’ll be live at 3pm Portuguese time on weekly days (from tomorrow actually, we’ll do a private test run today) for an hour or so, maybe a little longer sometimes. Yes, we know is a weird time but somehow fits for us and through the magic of YouTube, you can play us at any time you like:

We’ll upload also a short video now and then, ‘create content’ I think is the right expression nowadays. Let’s see what we come up with. If you wish, you can subscribe to the channel and get updates. We haven’t figured out all the tech yet, but we do it along the way, like everything else this year: on the go.

We continue to do our online work on a donation basis for the whole rest of the year, somehow it feels good that way, we are new at this and we are learning. If you find the practice useful, and want to support our channel and us through these tricky times, you can find a ‘donate’ button at the bottom of this page:

So very thankful for it!

For private online lessons, for you or a small group, via Zoom, please contact us at:

What about on site work and The Jewel of Yoga Retreats?

If you are around, or manage to come to Portugal on holiday, we continue to offer Shiatsu therapy and private lessons on yoga, meditation and dance (Jenny), just give us a call. When it comes to the retreats, things are slowly returning to normal in Europe, so they’re all scheduled and planned to go ahead from September, while we keep looking at the news to see how things unfold. But unless it all changes dramatically again, yes, you will able to have the time of your life this fall again. So, fingers crossed, please come! Further information:

For now this weird 2020 has reached its summer. Beautiful summer, weird or not, we all like summer… May it be a happy one.
Big hug.

Dates & Prices

with Jenny and Igor
Live at 7pm GMT
Saturday September 5: Asana & Breath
Live at 12.00 noon GMT
Sunday September 6: Meditation & Yoga Nidra