Our Teaching

The practice of yoga reaches its peak when it is at its most internal. Exercises, postures or movements are necessary physical supports of deeper energetic practices based on mindful awareness of thought and physical sensation.
Often referred to as union with truth, yoga is simultaneously the event of such union, the practices chosen to achieve it and the process of letting go what we previously thought as true, if inaccurate. The same way that science deals with the external truths of nature, yoga enquires into the internal truths that create our relationship to life, to other people, to death and ultimately to ourselves. In order to hear these truths, one needs to develop an enhanced sense of listening, which is why all yogic practices start, end and evolve around the art of meditation. Meditation in stillness, in breath, in movement, in structural alignment.

As awareness spreads through the body, excess tension begins to evaporate and hostage energy is released, becoming available for the healing process of body imbalances, injuries and illness. Postures and movements are then partnered with mindful, wholesome breathing patterns, to spread healing to all corners of our being and keep building continuous awareness to the structural alignment that it necessarily implies.
Conscious precise breath not only heals the body but also relaxes the mind, opens it, so that it can calmly and without agitation look at itself, penetrate its deeper corners and eventually identify its maker.
This is a beautiful but delicate journey, the practitioner needs to learn how to read her body and mind and adapt to the ever changing circumstance that they create.. We initially favour gentle, soft styles of yoga and the development of sensitivity and accuracy in intention and execution rather than strenuous and overwhelming physical practice.


As you train your mind without expectations and breathe kindly and patiently into your body, both eventually align and begin to feel like home, which is the perfect opportunity to stretch our comfort zone, with strong, but not strenuous, and energising, but not overwhelming, practices. Which would in turn lead to rest and relaxation to close the circle, a constant alternation of Yin and Yang in practice, very much like in life itself.

We are eternally grateful to all those before us and contemporaneous to us who researched and evolved any of the many yogic practices available to us nowadays. However, we don’t belong to any one lineage or religion, nor follow any one guru or particular belief of thought. Rituals, chants or Sanskrit are not part of our teaching vocabulary, and we will never ascribe to any practice beyond that which makes sense. Therefore our teaching is designed to develop a sense of independence in the practitioner so he or she can soon feel confident to face an empty yoga mat without external guidance.