It is no surprise that one of our main Teachers, the Buddha, started his teachings with the 1st noble truth.


While traditionally translated as life is suffering, we prefer to think that he said something like this: there is pain in life my friends, great pain due to numerous reasons, this is an unavoidable fact. However, the way with which you are dealing with your pain is greatly unskillful and is creating more pain for you.

Yoga for us is a Life support system, a way of patiently un-filtering your perspective in order to be more present and unthreatened by the highs and lows of experience. It is probably during the lows, when you find yourself challenged, cornered by life, that you start to feel the need for a more intelligent and kinder way to relate to experience.

Suffering we can fix.

There is a different way to relate to life´s pain, a courageous, kind and mindful way. A way of living that if sustained when the pain ceases, offers the possibility of meeting your full human potential, of rediscovering your most cherished dreams and moving towards them with confidence. It offers you the possibility of rediscovering what being human means and facilitates the building of bridges between one another, the birth of compassionate relationships. This Way, the way of Love, the way of Wakefulness, the way of Wisdom, is a beautiful one, but it´s a hard one. It's not an easy road to change one's habits. More often than not you will find yourself repeating thoughts and actions that have been proved unsuccessful in the past, just out of the force of the momentum, or you solidify your position around an illusory sense of conclusion and lose the freshness of the beginner.

Therefore, we practice. We practice observing and loving our minds, our bodies and our hearts. We practice opening up to ourselves and opening ourselves to others with love and confidence.
To train in the intricate art of “spiritual warriorship”, we continue to explore the many branches of the tree of yoga. We keep a strong spiritual home in meditation, and explore the palette of the body in hatha yoga, always in a mindful marriage with the breath which takes centre stage in our practice. We approach relationships working with conversation, shiatsu massage and modern dance. We absorb wisdom from all sources possible making ours any practice that offers results towards cultivating the awakened quality in us.