Catching up

We are in our living room stretching and breathing after a wonderfully sunny but also busy day, talking about life, about work, about parenting, about yoga.
Catching up
About how short it all feels, and how that is probably for the best. About the possibility of change, of realistic enlightenment, of true empathy, of both the boundlessness and the pettiness of us lovely humans. And we also thought of you. It’s funny how your stories, your breakthroughs, your happiness and sorrows have become ours over time. We wonder how things are with… you. We could put a lot of names at the end of that sentence, so many of you have walked into our lives over the years, but the truth is that the more time passes, the more clear it is to us that we are indeed all one. We don’t like when cliches are accurate because we don’t like cliches but this one is turning out to be so. All connected in a massive human orgy of tears and laughter, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Last weekend was Igor’s 40th birthday. We had a lovely dinner with friends, kids running around in the house, teens dreaming out loud about their futures, grown ups discussing surf and North Korea. So simple, so precious, so impermanent. Four decades, four and a half for Jenny, have passed in the blink of an eye, leaving grey hairs and achy knees but also an increasingly soft heart and everlasting sense of humour. Let’s never lose it. Yoga can help with that, it really does.

If you have not yet decided about your summer holidays and you are looking for a place where time runs slow and space is generous join us in Vale da Lama for a week of soulful yoga, shiatsu and food, we have a wonderful retreat program this year and lovely beaches to get lost in! We’ll be very happy to meet you again, or if you are a new friend, we’ll be happy to see our extended family extend itself a little more. If you have other plans, may they unfold with ease and wonder, and if tears appear, may they leave a trace of wisdom, may they not steal the smile in the corner of your eyes.

June: Healing and Classic retreats.
Summer: 2 Family retreats and 2 Surf&Yoga retreats.
Fall: Classic and Healing retreats.
And it will all end with a longer retreat dedicated for those of you with a regular-ish practice who have already met us and practiced with us.

Hope this lines find you well and that Spring has finally decided to honour you with her presence, we heard she was bit late this year.
Much love.


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