Once in a while you meet people who have neither masks or identify strongly with the role they have chosen, and meeting people like that who are so directly inspiring in their transparency is a treat. Dominique is one of those.
We met a few years ago, she came to The Lightroom after having one of those life changing experiences that are born from a lot of pain, she worked with me and Igor for some time, she has then remained a student that keeps returning, and she is a true yogi.

She is a powerhouse of a woman, perhaps not always easily digestable. Full of creative energy she comes across like the very strong woman she is, but she has a heart as wide open as the ocean and beneath the sometimes tough exteriour, she is so tender. She holds an elevated position in business media and does so because she feels that the business world could benefit from a portion of mindful reminders of what is important in life and having a large readership from the influential companies and leader profiles, the articles she is responsible for are read by those who probably need it the most. She is also a published writer, psychologist, journalist, coach and teaches seminars on leadership to the business community, so a busy woman to say the least.

Today we had drinks, we were waiting for her in the midst of end of work rush hour, in an area where all the suit claden business profiles of Amsterdam were coming out from work . We looked around for her and although she was sporting similar clothing as the rest, I spotted her instantly. 'There she is', I told Igor,' Look at her, it's the only one who dresses like the rest but still looks like Pippi Longstocking'.
Cause there's no hiding in Dominique, her hair is wild, her gestures grand, she wears her emotions on her sleeve and no matter how correct the clothing, there's no taming that. I love it, she teaches by example, which is my favorite kind of teaching, and she is a yogi that has taken her practice far beyond the mat. She is very gently introducing Dhamma in the business community which understandably has it's moments of feeling as though you're being weighed down by a heavy ball and chain of tradition, but she keeps pushing, keeps moving, keeps reinventing the wheel..., a shining example of leadership she is Dominique. We need more ambassadors like her in this world, more honest, big hearted, corageous individuals who tread the path for us, and teach by example.


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