Old friends

Iomi and I went to see a play today. Ronja Rovardotter, the magical fairy tale by my childhood hero Astrid Lindgren made in to a stage piece. It was Iomi's first theatre experience and it was beautiful to see it through her eyes.
My old friends and collegues Catharina and Magnus were in the show and we were granted a visit backstage which was in different ways very cool both for Iomi and me. For her, well judging by her intense focus during the play later on her enthusiastic re-telling of the experience to daddy, it was a hit. And since I always felt a bit sorry that I left my stage career before I had her, that I never got to show her that world which for so many years was so important for me, it felt great to give her a glimpse, albeit brief, of the wonders and tricks of the theatrical universe. As a footnote it was real nice that I could recognize, through their various masks and disguises, my two old friends just by having danced with them, remembering their body language. I guess once a dancer...
Thank you Catharina for hooking us up, for showing us around and for a really enjoyable show. Nice to once again see your spark and spirit that I remember from all those years ago.

Later on Iomi had a moment of complete alienation while catching the metro during rush hour. She has been brought up as a beach girl and is so used to the freedom of roaming around in vast open spaces that to be packed in like a sardine with a bunch of strangers must have been somewhat of a shock to her. 'I like Portugal much better' was her only comment when we asked her what she felt about it. Guess 'City Girlness' is not hereditary...
We're spending the night in Valeria's house. Valeria and I met in high school in Uppsala, we were both from Stockholm, both adopted, and both felt in our own very different ways that we were 'too cool for (that) school' so naturally we clicked immediately. We then went on to the Ballet academy and during these formative years we practically spent all our time together. We shared flats, clothes, dreams, difficulties and filthy eating habits. Valeria had to quit dancing due to injuries at around the same time that I left for NY and we kind of drifted apart, but reconnected again years later when I in one of my sporadic visits to Sweden looked her up, and now whenever we're in Stockholm we stay with her, her lovely husband Andy and Desmond their son who is a couple of years older than Iomi, but despite the age and gender discrepancy they connect really well. He just gave Iomi her first taste of video games, so many firsts for my little girl today.

It's always a pleasure to be in their home and enjoy their warm hospitality and it's also so beautiful to feel that even though me and Valeria's paths have diverged and we on paper don't have much in common anymore, I still so enjoy and appreciate spending time with her.

I guess it's like that with old friends. It doesnt really matter how long or how separate your universes have become, once you've formed a bond that is more than just circumstance, it is irrelevant how far apart life takes you. Love and appreciation doesn't have a caducity date. One of those things that you only come to know with age.
Like Magnus said today when I met him backstage and asked if he had dyed his hair for the show or if it was 'naturally' white. 'No, he answered, 'That is all me, but you know it's still the same, just a different colour'.


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