Savasana II- The art of healing

I woke up to a back that felt slightly better, Savasana works, dear yogis, it really does, am still not able to move about unhindered, and it still stings like a jellyfish burn in my lower back whenever I make a false move, but all these hours spent in savasana combined with being as mindful as possible when moving about, are working their magic slowly but surely.
When I was younger and unfamiliar with these more terrifying types of pains, I would run to the nearest physio or acupuncturist whenever I hurt or felt broken. Now since I don't have the means for such luxuries and simultaneously the curiosity to explore my human potential, I have taken healing in my own hands. Challenging, a bit scary but ultimately incredibly rewarding.
These long stretches of time spent with mind inside body, working with pain, opening to it, keeping mind balanced in it's presence, is a practice that is challenging. It relates to fear, it relates to death, puts me in touch with how very fragile I am, and I know that whether I like it or not, pain will appear as a recurrent theme in my life, so unless I learn how to gently meet it, I will always equate it with suffering which at this point, knowing what I know and doing what I do, seems unecessary. So each injury is another opportunity at going a bit deeper. A highly inconvenient oppportunity, but what can you do when it's knocking at your door...
So when dealing with injuries and pain, savasana is for me the maha practice. It gives me proper time to relax into what is happening, and the non demanding posture provides the most conducive of conditions, where I in relaxed stillness, can learn how to gently and in an intelligent way interact with my pain.

I think of healing as the resolution of conflict, from there the idea of making friends with pain makes a lot of sense. Just as your opponent in conflict eventually softens if you continuosly relate to them with friendliness, so does pain respond when not met with resistance. It softens, gets less edgy so you can lower your defenses and calm yourself down. As you do, the body can start doing what it does so well. It can begin the process of healing, and if we manage to not interfere but to instead contribute with our presence, eventually there will no longer be a conflict to resolve.

Savasana works, dear yogis. It really does.



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