Something to think about

Tonight I invite you to think. 

As yogis we're generally speaking more compelled to drive our minds towards feeling and away from the incessant neurosis of our thinking mind. this is of course because so much of what we think is simply repetition and contain a certain entrapment, a labyrinth. The ability to think is however never in question. It's a grace and a possibility uniquely granted for this lifetime so to not use it is a shame. I have always been more of a 'feeler', so to search for things to think about doesn't come naturally to me, but then I married a thinker, with a capital T, so my 'self' has grown to also include Igor's ways and and approaches to life. And it has taught me to not turn away from this wonderful ability of thought but instead inspires me train it, put it to good use and allow it to serve my curiosity. So here's a little invitation towards thinking. A look to  find out where your mind takes you when contemplating the big questions. A bit of Jnana yoga, a basic stretch for your thinking mind.

Happy practice!



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