The cat's cradle

So, we are getting a cat. We have for a long time wanted to give Iomi a pet, another family member and friend that she can care for and love. We were more or less decided on getting a dog, but our lives at the moment don't allow for one, so we put 'project pet' conveniently on hold for a bit.
But then Iomi, probably from overhearing us talking about it, started asking for one. A few days ago we caught a rat eating peas in our garden. I went for the broom and shooed it away, but Iomi giggled, jumped up and down in sheer delight of it's presence, followed it in to the bushes and then proceeded to plead with me: "Mommy it's so cute, can I please keep it, I will take care of it and it can sleep with me or I can keep it here outside in a basket and I will feed it everyday, mommy please, please! " Needless to say, I do not want to have a rat as a pet, and this particular one in all likelihood had his whole family waiting in the bushes and had a tail that was longer than it's body, just looking at it made me feel queasy. My hate story with vermin go back to New York where I had a clan of mice living in my bedroom and they haven't exactly redeemed themselves in my mind, I mean, they eat garbage, they multiply like, well rats, and I don't find them at all cute with those long tails, so my dislike hasn't changed much with the years. I don't jump as high as I used to when I see one, but it's not exactly an animal I want close to my living quarters...

After Iomi understood that my "No!" was about as firm as they come from me, she moved on to hamsters, guinea pigs and other rodents, letting me know that she was not giving in this time, that she really wants a pet and, I get it. Being a single child myself I also pestered my parents, with that same only child argument, into giving me fish and a number of birds, who all three died prematurely but before they did, ended up shitting all over my room since I insisted they fly free. My loving father erected half a tree in my bedroom to accommodate and my loving mother cleaned the shit off the walls, floors and upholstery. Ironically my good intention was the reason one of them died, he repeatedly flew in to the windowpane because I had forgotten to draw the blinds. But regardless of my childhood pet fiascos I remember the feeling of wanting to have another family member to love, and just like Iomi, the idea of a pet was way more appealing than having a baby brother...So, I get it.

Then last night we had a friend over who's cat had just had kittens, and although we hadn't exactly planned for it, we decided to take one of them as our next family member.

Today she went to visit the kittens and decided on one of them, a white little furry thing with baby blue eyes and a nose that Iomi enthusiastically described as being smaller than one of her pinky fingernails. It's name (we're not really clear if it's a boy or a girl yet) is Vanilla, and Iomi's enthusiasm coupled with Vanilla's newborn adorability even made Igor, who historically dislikes cats, melt. So, we are getting a cat.

When we have a house with a bigger, fenced in garden, we'll probably get a dog as well, but for now the cat thing feels lovely. Iomi is happy, which always makes us happy the kitty is a cutie and it will be a wonderful addition to our family and as an added bonus, it will also (hopefully) take care of those pesky long tailed rodents who are eating our precious peas.


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