The Equalizer

Yesterday I got inspired by an unlikely source, the movie 'The equalizer'. A fictional tale of reasonably good vs. very evil where Denzel goes full out Denzel, killling bad guys left and right, being the hero who equalizes and restores the balance.
There was one scene that I liked in particular, D goes to a cafe every night as the insomniac he is, there he has a cafe friend, a young girl in trouble, and in this particular scene he is recounting the moral he  concluded from The old man and the sea to her. A moral that also happens to be the moral of the movie: You gotta be who you are in this world no matter what.

I agree on that, fully. Gotta be who you are in this world, and even though I am a far cry from Denzel's character who efficiently kills all things evil, who I am is not always a comfortable fit in this confusing world, but I am way over trying to change the character that I through the grace and pounding of the years have become, am just trying to inhabit it fully and be who I am, that's work enough.

Have often struggled with these teachings where we're told that everything is perfect as it is. Struggled with it when it was delivered: 'The lord works in mysterious ways' and 'It's all part of God's plan', and was one of those who used to vehemently protest against that statement by bringing up the insanity of famine, war, and slavery in any form.
However, during my years of making friends with myself and the world I have gotten my head around it and basically understood that the truth is that the unfair gives birth to the notion of fair and yin doesn't exist without yang, so all phenomena are in a constant dance of opposition where the diminishing of one element naturally transforms it's opposite, and expansion in one direction implies an equal pull to the other side. There really is no rulebook that says that one way is better than the other, they complete each other and are both needed in order for this world with all it's phenomena to be. There is no reward, no punishment, the only thing we ever experience is the consequences of our actions, individual and collective. So all one can do is to observe how our actions influences life over time and then keep adjusting those them one microscopic movement at the time if the consequence is not to your liking. Trial and error, cause and effect...

We're all the equalizers of our own tune, we're all subject to the law of cause and effect, there is no lord up on high who' giveth and taketh away', it's just you, and the sum of your actions will be what your tiny imprint on this world will be when you're gone so you gotta be who you are in this world, and act from there. Never mind if that is not to other peoples pleasing or if they protest loudly as to the error of your ways. Cause if you don't then you are not living your life, then you are just living up to some misguided expectation, and that's not very Denzel at all, now is it?


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