Breath & Body

The Latin language puts it so poetically, you inhale for inspiration, you exhale, expire, to let go. In between there is nothing but the reverberation of the previous act, a pause. Understood like this, your breath contains the essence of your life, a beginning, an end and a space in between that you are free to fill with what inspires you, a path to be paved as you walk on it.


In Yoga you wake up to your breath, to the inhalation that will be your new source of inspiration, and what you fill this energy with, the feeling you imbue it with, will be that which creates you anew. You learn where your life is stuck as you learn where your breath is stuck. And as we are reborn to breathing we learn that the breath of patience, that calm and compassionate breath enables us to meet life honestly in a kind, non- threatening way. And then we exhale, we forgive ourselves and let go of that which no longer serves us, our judgments and sense of isolation. Patiently and persistently we rewire ourselves breath by breath by breath…

The positions you enter on your mat are not all that different from the position you hold in life. Motherhood, vice president, student. You feel yourself there and ask through your breath how you are relating to the position, in which way you feel yourself there. Some of us always clamour for more, we demand our own improvement and punish ourselves mentally and emotionally when our expectations are not met. Some of us feel so stuck in who we are, in the impossibility of our own perceived inability, that we close our eyes, hold our breath and pray for being released. The microcosmos of asana contains a possibility to know yourself more fully, more honestly, to surprise yourself on the mat, allowing your practice to stay new, fresh and close to your heart.